How to Play 8 Game Mix

Basics and Fundamentals for Playing Pokerstars 8 Game Mix

8 Game is becoming one of the more popular mixed poker games, although this form of mixed game is only available online at The 8 Game combines 8 different versions of poker into one played in a 6-max table. The beauty of the 8 Game is that it allows you to prey on weak players who lack in other areas beyond Holdem and Omaha. If you’re able to hone in on skills in more than one version, or even better you’ll defiantly have an edge over most of the opponents who play this game.

Below we’ve listed the games played in Pokerstars 8 Game along with a brief overview of how each version is played. Once you’ve got the basics down check out “8 Game Poker Strategy” guide which gives you some of the basic pointers and tips to give you the edge you need.

Games Used in 8 Game Mix

T – Limit 2-7 Triple Draw
H – Limit Texas Hold’em
O – Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)
R – Razz Poker
S – Limit Seven Card Stud
E – Limit Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)
H – No Limit Texas Hold’em
A – Pot Limit Omaha

The 8 Game Mix is played with six players and the format of the game will change every six hands during cash games or time based intervals during tournaments. The first round in 8 Game is played as Limit 2-7 Triple Draw followed by Limit Holdem, Omaha Hi Lo, RazzLimit Seven Card Stud, Limit Stud Hi Lo, No Limit Texas Holdem and finally Pot Limit Omaha. Once the 6th hand is played in PL Omaha, the game will move back to 2-7 Triple Draw. The biggest different between 8 Game and other mixed poker games such as HORSE is you’ll be playing a few different rounds in NL and PL and as such the blinds and antes will decrease so the stakes are equal in across the board.

If you’ve never played 8Game before it is definitely one to try however you should understand the fundamentals of each format first before playing online with real money.

How to Play Poker Games in 8 Game Mix

Limit 2-7 Triple Draw – 2-7 Triple Draw, also known as Deuce to Seven Triple Draw is a game in which the best low poker hand wins the pot at showdown. This is a draw poker game and each player will receive five cards and can discard anywhere from one to all five cards, or none at all. When you draw, the number of cards you discarded will be replaced. 2-7 Triple Draw allows you to draw up to three times or stand pat on any of the three draws. Standing pat means no cards are discarded.  In Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, the player after the big blind will open the betting round by folding, calling or raising. At showdown the player with the best possible low hand wins the pot. In this version, Aces will always play high and  straights and flushes will count against your low hand. The best possible hand to have in 2-7 Triple Draw is 7, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Limit Texas Holdem – Limit Texas Holdem is played just like your regular Holdem games with slight alterations in betting structure. If you’re unfamiliar with Holdem please see our How to Play Texas Holdem, which gives a complete overview of how the game is played.  Betting structure in Limit Holdem is pre-determined meaning player bets pre-flop and post flop will be the same as the big blind. The betting amounts will change on the river with bet sizes and raises double that of the big blind. Limit Holdem caps the betting at four bets per round.

Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Omaha Hi – Lo) – Omaha Hi Lo is an entirely different game. In this game players have the opportunity to play for both hi and lo pots. Each player will receive four hole cards whereby they will need to make the best possible poker hand using two of those four cards along with three of the five community cards. Since the object of this game is to play for both pots players should realize that only hands with 8 or lower will qualify as a low hand. The best possible low hand in Omaha Hi Lo is A, 2, 3, 4, 5. Suits do not play for the low pot. The betting structure for this game is similar to Limit Holdem listed above.

Razz Poker- Razz Poker, also known as Seven Card Stud (low only) is a unique game of its own. The object of the game is to play for the best low hand, hopefully A-5, in order to win the pot. Each player will receive a total of seven cards and the overall game structure is consistent with other forms of Stud Poker. Although you’ll receive seven cards, only your five lowest cards will play. The best possible hand in Razz is the wheel (5,4,3,2,A). Although Razz doesn’t have “eight or better” requirements, it’s extremely rare to see someone win a Razz hand with high cards.

Limit Stud Eight or Better (Stud Hi Lo) – Seven Card Stud requires each player to ante before any cards are dealt. Each player receives two hole cards and one up card. The player who’s hand holds the lowest up card will be the “bring in” and is required to make another partial bet or the full small bet. Once the first betting round is complete, each player still left in the game will receive another up card. The first player to act in this round is the player who’s holding the highest up card during the second round and will be receive the option to check or bet. If the player decides to bet 4th street, the bet size will be that of the small blind. If the player’s hand exposes a pair a full bet can be made. Again after betting round is complete, each player will receive another up card, also called Fifth Street. The player who is first to act will be the player who currently has the highest ranked poker hand. The betting structure on Fifth Street changes and is now full bets equal to the big blind. The final two streets play out the same as Fifth Street. During showdown the pot will be awarded to the player who has the best high hand and the best low hand, unless a player is fortunate enough to have both in which case he’ll scoop the pot.

Limit Stud Poker – This is played exactly the same as the Hi Lo version above except players will only play for the best high hand. The antes, bring-in, and betting follows the same structure as Limit Stud 8 or Better.

No Limit Texas Holdem – No Limit Texas Holdem is played exactly like the standard version except the betting structure differs. Unlike the Limit version above, players will have no restrictions placed on the amount of their bets and can bet as little or as much as they like on each round including pre-flop.

Pot Limit Omaha – Pot Limit Omaha is played just like Omaha however players will only play for the best high hand, not hi lo. Players will still receive four hole cards and will be required to use two hole cards and three of the five community cards to qualify as a legitimate hand.

If you’d like to try playing 8 Game Mix you’ll need to create an account at as this is the only online poker sites offering the 8 Game. Full Tilt Poker comes second who recently introduced a 7 Game Mix which consists of FL Holdem, FL Stud Hi/Lo, FL Omaha Hi/Lo, FL Stud, NL Texas Holdem, and PL Omaha.