WSOP 2013 Main Event Results: Key Facts And Top 50 Positions

WSOP 2013 Main Event Results: Key Facts And Top 50 PositionsAs the 2013 Main Event conclusion brings to an end another exciting WSOP in Las Vegas, here are some key facts and results from the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship:
1: The Main Event field of 6,352 was the lowest turnout since 2005 when Australian Joe Hachem overcame 5,619 players to win the title.
2: The WSOP Main Event first started in 1971, and now US pro Ryan Riess completes 36 wins from 43 Main Events for the USA. However, since 1990 when the first non-US player Mansour Matloubi (UK) won the event, USA has won 16 from 23 titles.
3: The 44th WSOP awarded Ryan Riess $8,361,570 for his victory, which was the lowest amount since 2007 when Jerry Yang collected $8,250,000 for his efforts. The biggest prize money ever was awarded in 2006 to Jamie Gold ($12m), followed by 2008 champion Peter Eastgate ($9,152,416), 2010 champion Jonathan Duhamel ($8,944,138) and 2011 champion Pius Heinz ($8,715,638).
4: At the 2013 Main Event, out of 6,352 entrants those finishing between 577th and 648th received the minimum pay-out of $19,106. Amongst the notable names cashing high at this year’s event was JC Tran in 5th ($2,106,893), David Benefield in 8th ($944,650), Carlos Mortensen in 10th ($573,204), Yevgeniy Timoshenko in 22nd ($285,408), and last woman standing Jackie Glazier in 31st ($229,281).
5: Back in 1997 when the fields consisted of just 312 entrants, Stu Ungar became the last player to win the competition more than once (1980, 1981, 1997). This year was no exception, with the other players to have managed this remarkable feat including Johnny Moss (1971, 1974), Doyle Brunson (1976, 1977), and Johnny Chan (1987, 1988).
6: Lastly, here are the final 50 finishing positions of the 2013 No-Limit Hold’em Championship:
1st Ryan Riess               $8,361,570
2nd Jay Farber               $5,174,357
3rd Amir Lehavot       $3,727,823
4th Sylvain Loosli       $2,792,533
5th JC Van Tran           $2,106,893
6th Marc McLaughlin       $1,601,024
7th Michiel Brummelhuis   $1,225,356
8th David Benefield       $944,650
9th Mark Newhouse       $733,224
10th Carlos Mortensen       $573,204
11th Matthew Reed       $573,204
12th Ralph Porter       $573,204
13th Alexander Livingston $451,398
14th Sergio Castelluccio  $451,398
15th Bruno  Kawauti       $451,398
16th Christopher Lindh       $357,655
17th Fabian Ortiz       $357,655
18th Jan Nakladal       $357,655
19th James Alexander       $285,408
20th Anton Morgenstern       $285,408
21st Maxx Coleman       $285,408
22nd Yevgeniy Timoshenko  $285,408
23rd Clement Tripodi       $285,408
24th Steve Gee               $285,408
25th Jason Mann       $285,408
26th Jorn Walthaus       $285,408
27th Benjamin Pollak       $285,408
28th George Wong       $229,281
29th Philip Long       $229,281
30th Danard Petit       $229,281
31st Jackqueline Glazier  $229,281
32nd Dan Owen               $229,281
33rd Aleksejs Ponakovs       $229,281
34th Byron Kaverman       $229,281
35th Nicolas Le Floch       $229,281
36th Umang Dattani       $229,281
37th Jack Amyx               $185,694
38th Somar Darwich       $185,694
39th Sami Rustom       $185,694
40th Christopher Kinane   $185,694
41st Joshua Prager       $185,694
42nd Jonathan Jaffe       $185,694
43rd Phil Mader       $185,694
44th Bryan Pellegrino       $185,694
45th David Stephens       $185,694
46th Vitaly Lunkin       $151,063
47th Jaime Kaplan       $151,063
48th Gaetano Preite       $151,063
49th Oliver Price       $151,063
50th Sebastian Gohr       $151,063

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