Isildur1 Figured Me Out Confesses Negreanu Ahead Of Showdown Part 2

With the dust having settled somewhat following Sunday’s Superstar Showdown apocalypse, Daniel Negreanu has been delving deeper into the causes of his annihilation and its implications for the upcoming round 2.
Having lost his $150,000 stack 1,439 hands through the scheduled 2,500 hand session, Negreanu initially drew attention on his blog to the fact he was unlucky to have lost 12 out of 14 of the biggest pots on the night to Isildur1.
On his latest blog post Negreanu now acknowledges that he would have had to not only outplay Isildur1, but also out-luck him in order to have finished ahead at their first showdown, neither of which was the case. As Negreanu explains:
“Whatever happens next Sunday, whether I win or lose, the fact that Isildur1 is the better player won’t change. He is very tough to play against…The reason he won, aside from the lucky all ins/coolers, was that he figured me out pretty quickly and developed a counter strategy that left him protected for the most part.”
After making this sweeping statement, Negreanu then alluded to the fact he would have simply quit early was he merely playing a standard cash game against Isildur1 instead of a match.
The tendency for a person to want to play on endlessly against an opponent when they are getting run over has sunk many a player, according to Negreanu. The Canadian pro then says the psychological advantage a player gains when they are winning cannot be overestimated and so the losing player should have the “emotional stability and toughness” to run and fight another day.
“The true test of a poker player is how well he plays when things are going terribly…The best poker player in the world, Phil Ivey, routinely calls it quits early in sessions when things are going badly. It’s the exact opposite of what 99% of poker players do! Most players chase, and just want to get “unstuck,” which means they’ll often play for days when they are losing. That’s a terrible way to approach poker as a business and it’s buried plenty of people.”
Nevertheless, Negreanu hasn’t got the luxury of quitting during his upcoming Superstar Showdown Part 2, despite his admissions of the superiority of Isildur1’s heads-up cash play, However, Negreanu’s confidence would seem to be on the rise again¬†having won $85,000 from Kangis, DuggerGerngy and Justin Bonomo over the past 24 hours and he is already relishing the prospect of enacting some measure of revenge on his 20 year-old Swedish opponent.
“If you want to rail, check my twitter feed as I’ll usually tweet when I’m playing. My twitter name is “RealKidPoker,”¬†announced Negreanu.