More Rumors Surface About A Rounders 2 Movie

Rounders (1998) is the most influential poker movie ever released, and although it received mixed reviews at the time, it has since grown to become a cult classic. The film starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton is even acknowledged as having paved the way for the 2003 to 2006 poker boom to take place, and almost two decades later die-hard fans have still not given up on the hope of a sequel ever being made.
They could be forgiven for being more than a little frustrated, though, as back in 2009 one of the original movie’s writers, David Levien, said that he was percolating ideas for a sequel, but to date no headway seems to have been made on the project. In the meantime, not a year seems to go past without some promise being made of a Rounders follow-up movie, and helping to fuel the latest rumors circulating is Matt Damon, who appeared on The Rich Eisen Show this week.
Giving a tantalizing glimpse into the ideas being explored for the potential sequel, Damon explained that it would be interesting to see the original movie’s main characters trying to take on the modern online game’s young guns. Elaborating further, Damon commented:
“Now, with the online [game], these guys and gals who are playing, this young generation, they start playing when they’re in their adolescence. They’re looking at 10 hands at a time, playing for real money online. By the time they’re 21, they’ve seen millions and millions and millions of hands.. It’s now gone into deep game theory. It’s at a whole other level. It’s just a very, very different game.”
Whether the project ever makes progress, or if it is destined to merely stay in its infancy stage without being realized is anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, a Rounders 2 movie would certainly be eagerly anticipated by the poker world, a community which has been waiting for year’s to finally see a poker movie that is worth watching.

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