Poker Night in America TV Show To Debut In 2014

Poker Night in America TV Show To Debut In 2014Poker is expected to make a much anticipated return to US television soon following an announcement that a new show called ‘Poker Night in America’ (PNIA) would be airing early next year.
The show is the brainchild of the Heartland Poker Tour co-founder Todd Anderson and WSOP Media Director Nolan Dalla, who are hoping to create a TV poker experience with the emphasise on fun, variety, and entertainment. The structure of ‘Poker Night in America’ will focus on
poker pros or celebrities playing at various tournaments across the country, but taking centre stage will be exploring interesting storylines and concentrating on the players themselves in the tournaments.
A big part of this approach relies on viewers developing a relationship with the characters covered as this will more likely keep them returning to watch each week.
“Right now, my priority is to create a television show like nothing that’s been done before,” explained Nolan Dalla. “This is the first hand of a new poker game. And I’m moving all in. I’m leaving the World Series of Poker Circuits after nine full seasons. However, I will continue to serve as Media Director for the World Series of Poker and WSOP Europe for what I hope will be many more years to come.”
The first PNIA television event covered will take place on August 10th at the Turning Stone Casino in New York, where the $1,650 buy-in annual Empire State Poker Classic is held. Todd Anderson is subsequently planning to film at least an additional four events this year. The Turning Stone Casino said it was also looking forward to working on the show, with Turning Stone Director of Poker Operations Jason DiBenedetto, commenting:
“Todd Anderson has an excellent reputation in the TV poker industry and we are excited to be working with him again. It’s also a great opportunity to go beyond the walls of our casino and promote our property to a TV audience.”

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