Netflix Now Showcasing Daniel Negreanu Documentary

An inspiring 89-minute documentary charting Daniel Negreanu’s rise to prominence in the poker world is now available to more than 80 million people on Netflix. The film called “KidPoker” was originally shown in December 2015 during the International Film Festival in Negreanu’s home city of Toronto.
Appropriately, Toronto is where the documentary starts with a young Negreanu hustling at the local pool halls, before eventually turning to poker and taking his first shots at the Las Vegas poker scene. Success didn’t come easy at first, though, and Negreanu built up then busted his $3k starting bankroll on several occasions before finally gaining enough experience to beat the game in the USA’s gambling capital. As the 40 year-old pro commented about the film:
“This is a story of clear intention and determination, in that the odds were stacked against me, especially in the early years. I want this to be an inspirational film, so that when people watch it, they feel they can get back on the horse and pursue their dreams too.”
Other highlights of “KidPoker” includes watching Negreanu win a WSOP bracelet in 1998 at his first attempt, and learning about the confidence boost he was given before the tournament after Todd Brunson offered to buy a piece of his action. Negreanu also admits that he felt his heads-up opponent Dominic Bourke was the more skilled pot-limit Hold’em player at that time, and that Negreanu was lucky to get the better of him.
“It was just surreal, because it felt like I didn’t deserve it yet. It was too early in the game. It was my first event and I won already,” said Negreanu.
Negreanu is currently number 1 on poker’s ‘All Time Money List’ with $32,412,486 in winnings. He has also amassed 6 WSOP bracelets throughout his illustrious career, and in 2014 was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

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