Don’t Listen to Phil Hellmuth According To Dusty Schmidt

Cash poker specialist Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt has just written a book which, as he says, aims to overturn “flawed conventional poker wisdom” and make the reader a more profitable player.
However, Schmidt’s title leaves no room for doubting where he believes much of the misconceptions in the modern game emanates from, as he has titled his collaborative work with Paul Hoppe; ‘Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth.’
Schmidt further reinforces this point with a  sub-title which reads: “Correcting the 50 worst pieces of poker advice you ever heard.”
One player who may not necessarily agree with Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt’s assessment would be 11 times WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, who recently, explaining why he was so good at the game of poker, commented:
“I have an ability to read people.. I developed patience..And then I invented a new way to play poker, a new way to play hold’em. I looked at the game differently than the rest of the world did. And it worked … I played smaller pots, I made smaller bluffs than everybody else. I played aggressively. I would raise or re-raise weak hands and just win pots because I would force other people to fold.”
Nevertheless, in explaining the book’s title, Dusty Schmidt highlights that in the early stages of his poker career, he would listen to the advice of Phil Hellmuth, poker TV announcers and other self proclaimed experts. However, such advice he believes is now totally outdated and, as he explains:
“Many of these folks don’t have any idea how to beat today’s games. They are often players who may at one point have done well at poker, but whose games have not evolved to match the aggression of today’s games.
“Sure, there were some like Phil Hellmuth who were once great players, but many of them simply got lucky at a couple of final tables and were able to build reputations for themselves that far exceeded what they really deserved…And here I was trying to implement their advice for millions of hands and not getting any better!”
Dusty Schmidt’s latest book “Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth: Correcting The 50 Worst Pieces Of Poker Advice You’ve Ever Heard” will be available on e-version by December 6, with a hard copy version released on January 2.
Schmidt claims his book will serve as an accurate guide to the modern game, will make the reader’s decisions making process at the tables more effective, as well as serving as a strategy guide for playing profitable online and live NL cash games.
Dusty Schmidt is a cash specialist whereas Phil Hellmuth established his reputation on the tournament poker circuit so it will be interesting to read how his book deals with this crucial difference. Nevertheless, at some stage it would be interesting to hear a critique from Phil Hellmuth on what he makes of Dusty Schmidt’s latest poker offering.

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