Book Review: 'Treat Your Poker Like a Business' By Dusty Schmidt

As Dusty ‘Leatherass’ Schmidt explains about his first poker book offering, “My intent is to deliver to you in one book what I had to take years out of my life to learn.”
‘Treat Your Poker Like a Business’ aims to teach the reader how to develop a professional approach to the game, both on and off the felts. As such, the book is mostly aimed towards players who may already be moderately successful at poker and looking to take their game to a different level.
The book contains 60 chapters, with advice on a whole range of subject areas from  winning strategies, profitable times to play, to software and record keeping.
Schmidt has also recruited the talents of various colleagues to help with certain areas of study, including 5 chapters from mental game coach Jared Tendler who lays out the importance of discipline, goal setting, focus, concentration and dealing with tilt. Schmidt’s own wife even contributes a chapter on ‘Having A Successful Relationship’ which imaginatively sets out ways to balance social and family life within a relationship with a poker professional.
In strategy terms, Schmidt has deliberately tried to present advice on the frequently occurring situations which contribute a steady flow of income to your hourly rate, as opposed to highlighting occasional big pot situations which are often more straightforward to play. In this regard, Schmidt offers some invaluable advice on common situation such as being out of position and facing a continuation bet post flop holding a small pair, and how to play your draws from various positions.
As the title suggests, the book is full of poker business analogies and is packed with practical and easy to follow advice which is designed to provide, in simple terms, the necessary “building blocks for success as an online poker player.” At $39.99, this book is at the lower end of the online poker book price range and is a must buy for all aspiring professionals and players already enjoying a measure of success.

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