WPT Prague Won By Marcin Wydrowski

WPT Prague Won By Marcin WydrowskiPoland’s Marcin Wydrowski has won the World Poker Tour Prague, after defeating a field of 567 players on his way to collecting the prestigious title, and the €325,000 ($423,957) first-place prize.
The €3,300 buy-in tournament was held at the King’s Casino in Prague and attracted a whole slew of amateur and poker pros alike to create a prize pool worth $1.6 million. Following Wydrowski’s remarkable victory in the Czech capital city, the 26 year old pro commented:
“I didn’t even look at the prize money for the other places, I only wanted first. Winning a major title was always my goal – I am so happy it is hard to understand how I feel at the moment.”
First to exit the final table was Alin Grasi in 6th (€61,150), who got all his chips in holding A-Q on a Q-7-7-4 board only to discover Tony Chang had J-7. He was followed by Michael Gagliano in 5th (€76,315) after his pocket aces faltered against the Q-Q of Bodo Sbrzesny, with the board subsequently rolling out Q-8-2-5-8.
Next, a battle of the blinds saw Tony Chang (Kc-2c) go all-in on a 6s-5s-3s flop before seeing the bad news that big blind Alexandr Lahkov had made two pair with 5h-3h. With no help from the board Chang departed in 4th but picked up €101,800 for his hard fought efforts.
Finally, start of day table leader Sbrzesny put his title hopes on the line after moving in pre-flop holding 6-6 to Wydrowski’s Ad-Jd. The 9c-3d-3c-7d board still gave Sbrzesny hope but an Ac on the river put paid to his tournament and he exited in 3rd for €137,470.
As the heads-up phase of the competition got underway, Wydrowksi had a 3 to 1 chip lead over Alexandr Lahkov. However, within an hour the shortstacked Russian pushed his chips to the centre holding 7-6. Unfortunately for him, Wydrowski had pocket sevens and after the board rolled out J-8-5-K-K, Lahkov was relegated to a runner-up finish worth €213,775 while Marcin Wydrowski was crowned the 2012 WPT Prague champion.
The final table payouts were as follows:
1 Marcin Wydrowski €325,000 ($423,957)
2 Alexandr Lahkov €213,775 ($278,866)
3 Bodo Sbrzesny    €137,470 ($179,246)
4 Tony Chang    €101,800 ($132,736)
5 Michael Gagliano €76,315 ($99,506)
6 Alin Grasu €61,150 ($79,723)

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