Isildur1 Wins $1,363,230 Last Night To Go $3.3 million In The Black So Far

It was Sweden versus Finland last night as Isildur1 took on Patrik Antonius and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies across six $500/$1,000 heads-up Hold ’em and Omaha tables at Full Tilt Poker.
Despite playing Isildur1 on fuller tables in the past, Sahamies had never played heads-up against the Swedish mystery pro for any extended period before and was itching for the opportunity. Last night that opportunity came and it ended up costing Sahamies over $1 million of his bankroll.
Then it was Patrik Antonius’ turn and he fared slightly better than his fellow country man by only dropping $329.592 to the mystery assailant. The end result was a $1.3 million profit on the day for Isildur1, taking his November total profit to $4,262,458 so far.
Isildur1 has caused quite a surge of interest at Full Tilt Poker since appearing on the scene in October. Unlike most ‘flash in the pan’ newcomers to the high stakes scene who run good for a while and then lose the lot, Isildur1’s story is quite the opposite.
In October Isildur1 immediately dropped $989,484.75 over 4,508 hands of No-limit Hold’em and was criticised by the online forums for being too loose and careless. He must have profited from the analysis as he started November in formidable form and although being up as much as $5.46 million at one stage is still an impressive $3.3 million up at Full Tilt this year.
As well as the huge amounts of money won, Isildur1 has gained an army of fans interested in watching the roller coaster action produced by his ultra aggressive style which regular results in seven-figure swings and has produced the biggest pot in online history of $878,958.
The poker community is a buzz with speculation as to the identity of this new high stakes demolition man with the favoured guess so far being that it is none other than Viktor Blom (pictured above). The 20 year old poker pro from Sweden is believed to have managed to run an initial $2,000 up to $1.5 million in 2 weeks alone through his ultra aggressive style.
As the excitement continues, Full Tilt is certainly enjoying the extra attention the mystery player is bringing to their site.

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