François Tosques Triumphs at 2018 WPTDeepStacks Marrakech

François Tosques Triumphs at 2018 WPTDeepStacks Marrakech

The 2018 WPTDeepStacks Marrakech concluded its Main Event at the Casino de Marrakech at the weekend, with French pro Francois Tosques managing to navigate himself past a field of 431 players on his way to lifting the title. Following a victory that earned him 1 million Moroccan dirhams (€91,411/$106,095), as well as a package through to the season-ending WPTDeepStacks event, Tosques commented:

“It’s crazy, because I was short-stacked most of the tournament. I never expected to win this, this is very crazy. I finished second in a big tournament two and a half months ago, when I was in heads-up I just wanted to win it.”

François Tosques

Tosques was referring to none other than the $1,000 Little One for One Drop event that took place in Las Vegas this summer, which attracted 4,732 entrants and was eventually won by China’s Wei Guo Liang after besting the Frenchman heads-up. Tosques collected $345,415 for his runner-up finish, with his latest victory now pushing his live career earnings to $735,714.

He has also racked up a further $975,660 online playing under the screen name Francisco83, with most of those winnings fairly evenly split between PokerStars and PartyPoker.

WPTDeepStacks Marrakech

The WPTDeepStacks Marrakech cost the equivalent of €1,200 to enter, resulting in a prize pool worth around €447,875. This year’s 431 player field was down by just two players on last year’s competition, though, which at the time represented an all-time high for a WPTDeepStacks Main Event, although that figure was subsequently beaten a few weeks later at the WPTDeepStacks Johannesburg which drew 456 entries.

Final Table Action

Most of the players taking part in the competition hailed from Spain, France and Morocco, which was reflected in the composition of its final table of nine. Lone Moroccan representative Jaouad Abida, however, got off to a flying start and proceeded to eliminate three Frenchmen in a row, David Pecheur (9th), Sebastien Boyard (8th), and Jean Montury (7th), to commandeer half the chips in play with just six players remaining.

At one point, Abida (A-K) very nearly knocked out Tosques (Q-J), too, but the latter made a flush to stay in contention and eventually beat Abida heads-up. Continuing his assault, Abida (Ad-Qh) called Mathieu Papineau’s (6c-3c) all-in on a Ac-7c-4d flop, and dispatched him to the rail in 6th following a 10s and 3h turn and river.

Francois Tosques (A-Q) then joined the fray by eliminating Kalidou Sow (A-J) in 5th, followed by Ramon Sol in 4th, after which Abida took care of Fabio Damaso in 3rd to force heads-up play for the title.

Heads-Up Recap

Francois Tosques started the final battle holding around 72% of the chip still in play against Abida, who at one stage managed to overcome his chip deficit to eek ahead. A huge hand in which Tosques (10d-2d) made a flush on a Jd-8d-4c-5h-6d against Abida’s (8s-7s) straight, however, left the latter on just 9bbs, and two hand later the deciding hand was played.

Abida moved all-in preflop holding A-10, resulting in a call from Tosques with K-8. The dealer then laid out a 9-8-5-4-K board to eliminate Abida in a runner-up position worth €63,988, who prior to the cash had just $1,528 in winnings to his name. François Tosques, on the other hand, was crowned the 2018 WPTDeepStacks Marrakech champion, having accomplished the feat on his very first time of trying at the venue.

“It is very nice to play here, this place is just very good,” stated Tosques. “A lot of space, you have food here, everything. The buffet is very convenient. This was actually the first time playing this tournament.”

Final Table Results

1: François Tosques (France) €91,411 ($106,095)
2: Jaouad Abida (Morocco) €63,988 ($74,267)
3: Fabio Damaso (Portugal) €40,221 ($46,682)
4: Ramon Sol (Spain) €28,795 ($33,420)
5: Kalidou Sow (France) €21,939 ($25,463)
6: Mathieu Papineau (France) €17,825 ($20,689)
7: Jean Montury (France) €14,260 ($16,551)
8: Sebastien Boyard (France) €11,883 ($13,792)
9: David Pecheur (France) €9,882 ($11,469)