Daryl Aguirre Wins WPTDeepStacks Houston for $160k

Daryl Aguirre Wins WPTDeepStacks Houston for $160k

In partnership with the Freerolls Poker Club, the WPTDeepStacks Houston Main Event took place in Texas from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1, a state where poker is confined to private poker clubs and the game remains in legal limbo pending litigation. Needless to say, the demand for poker remains high in the birthplace of Texas Hold’em, as reflected in the impressive field of 790 players who entered the $1,000 tournament.

Following four starting days and two communal days of action, it was Daryl Aguirre who would eventually navigate his way past the huge field to walk away with the title, and a $143,765 first-place prize. The player with just $5,508 in prior cashes to his name was also awarded a $3,000 championship prize package, and commenting after his winning performance described the victory as “surreal,” and said that it would definitely motivate him to play more poker in the future.

WPTDeepStacks Houston

The WPTDeepStacks Houston Main Event was held at the Palacio Maria Event Center in Katy, a city less than 30 miles west of Houston. The tournament featured a prize pool worth almost $800,000, and amongst the notables finishing in one of its money spots was DJ Alexander, Ray Henson, Josh Turner, Kunal Patel, and Max Young.

In the meantime, it wasn’t all plain sailing for Aguirre, who had been eliminated on two occasions and on registration Day 1D had to fire a third bullet before gaining any traction in the contest. While his decision went against the advise of his family, as Aguirre later explained:

“My brothers told me not to, and I had $1,000 left with me, so I decided that you only live once and I decided to go for it. And the fact that it was such a big turnout.. I just went for the gold I guess.”

Final Table

Daryl Aguirre entered the final table second in chips to Robert Bresner, while Jason “JJ” Brice was the shortest stack at the table. In the end, however, it would be Aguirre and Brice who would meet heads-up to decide the competition.

Brice caught a lucky break to double up on his first hand after going all-in preflop holding pocket jacks versus Cavazo’s pocket queens, only to make a straight following a 10-9-2-Q-K board. Not long later, he doubled again in a pocket aces versus A-J confrontation against Satheesh Francis, and continuing his good run, Brice (A-Q) subsequently sent a short stacked Lam Tran (J-4) to the rail in 8th.

Next, Brice (A-K) eliminated Satheesh Francis (K-Q) in 6th place, before being dealt A-Q and doling out the same treatment to Dennis Brand (Q-J) in 5th. Not done yet, Brice (A-J) then sent a depleted Mohammad Arani (Q-6) to the rail in 4th.

Having seen Brice do all the heavy lifting, Daryl Aguirre finally scored his first elimination after being dealt A-4 and seeing off Robert Bresner (Q-6) in 3rd place to usher in heads-up play for the title.

Daryl Aguirre vs Jason Brice

The final battle started with Jason Brice holding a 62bb to 32bb advantage over Daryl Aguirre, but it would take the latter less than half an hour to redress the balance before scoring a decisive victory over his remaining opponent.

In the hand in question, Aguirre (K-J) led out and received a call from Brice (10-7), after which he called Aguirre’s bet on a J-7-4 flop. Following a 3 on the turn, Aguirre opted to call Brice’s check-raise all in, with a 5 on the river then sealing his win holding a pair of jacks. While Daryl Aguirre collected the title and the competition’s top prize, Jason Brice, on the other hand, appeared no less happy over his impressive run, which is not surprising considering he walked away with a huge $98,735 prize instead of a potential $14,095 had his initial J-J versus Q-Q showdown not swung his way at the start of the final table.

Final Table Results

1st: Daryl Aguirre $143,765
2nd: Jason Brice $98,735
3rd: Robert Bresner $63,715
4th: Mohammad Arani $47,140
5th: Dennis Brand $35,965
6th: Satheesh Francis $28,520
7th: Jose Cavazos $23,610
8th: Lam Tran $18,780
9th: Jules Allum $14,095