Danny van Zijp Triumphs at 2018 WPT DeepStacks Brussels Main Event

Danny van Zijp Wins 2018 WPT DeepStacks Brussels Main Event

Danny van Zijp has taken down the €1,200 WPT DeepStacks Brussels Main Event, in the process securing a €110,000 ($123,824) first place prize, as well as a €2,000 package through to the season ending WPT DeepStacks European Championship.

Prior to his victory, the Dutchman’s biggest score came in 2015 after winning the €600 Breda Poker Series Main Event for €29,332 ($32,585). Following his latest triumph, Van Zijp now boasts $365,582 in live tournament earnings, rocketing him from number 116 to 75 on the Netherlands ‘All Time Money List’.

€1,200 WPT Main Event

The €1,200 WPT DeepStacks Brussels Main Event saw 535 players show up to the Grand Casino Viage in Belgium’s capital city. Among the notable pros seeing a return on their investment was Govert Metaal in 60th (€2,200), Olvedo Heinze in 48th (€2,600), and Roger Hairabedian in 22nd (€4,100). On Day 3, just nineteen of them remained, and following a series of eliminations including Guillaume Darcourt in 17th (€4,900), Christophe De Meulder in 12th (€8,600), and Jean Seber exit in 10th place (€10,700), the final table was set.

Tal Sardal (A-Q) got proceedings underway after eliminating Jean-Philippe Schoonbrood (A-J) in 9th place. Van Zijp (K-Q) then made a full house on the river against Cheng-Wei Yin’s (Q-10) two pair to send him to the rail in 8th.

One minute later, Paul van Oort (Q-9) hit runner-runner to make a flush and see off Tal Sardal (A-7) in 7th place, while  Van Oort (A-Q) then did likewise to Cyril Mira (A-10) in 6th.

Following a dinner break, Van Zijp (9-9) retired a short-stacked Rico Roumen (A-9) in 5th. All the while, start-of-day chip leader Peter Jaksland continued to hemorrhage chips, and after getting his remaining chips all in holding pocket tens was eventually bounced from the competition in 4th by Van Oort holding A-J.

During three-handed play, Astima’s all in strategy worked wonders and the player received no callers from either Van Zijp or Van Oort. He was then able to rise from a shortstack after being dealt Q-J and doubling through Van Oort (4-4), after which Astima (A-J) finished off Van Oort (Q-8) in 3rd.

Heads-Up Recap

Danny van Zijp and Jose Astima started heads-up fairly even in chips. Van Zijp quickly managed to pull ahead of his French opponent, though, with the final hand played after Astima moved all in preflop holding pocket tens. Unfortunately for him, Van Zijp had been dealt pocket jacks, and with no help from the board Jose Astima had to settle for a second place finish, while Danny van Zijp secured the prestigious WPT title.

In addition to €110,000 in prize money, Van Zijp was also awarded a €2,000 package through to the WPT DeepStacks European Championships package which is scheduled to take place next April at the Dusk till Dawn Casino in Nottingham. Van Zjip said it was a great feeling winning the tournament, and that he was looking forward to attending the WPT European Championships in Nottingham. He also said that he would be taking a a cruise holiday thereafter.

Final Table Results

1: Danny van Zijp (Netherlands) €110,000
2: Jose Astima (France) €75,000
3: Paul van Oort (Netherlands) €53,000
4: Peter Jaksland (Denmark) €40,000
5: Rico Roumen (Netherlands) €30,000
6: Cyril Mira (France) €23,000
7: Tal Sardal (France) €17,500
8: Cheng-Wei Yin (Belgium) €13,550
9: JP Schoonbrood (Netherlands) €10,700

Next WPT Stop: India

The WPTDeepStacks has now left European soil and has headed to the riverboat Deltin Royale Casino Goa in India. The poker festival will take place from Nov. 13-19, with its INR55,000 (US$755) Main Event scheduled to kick-off on the 13th. The tour will then head to the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in California, where its Main Event will be held from Nov 23-26, before ending the year at the Casino Barrière de Deauville in France from Dec 4-9.