2018 Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju Nearing Conclusion

2018 Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju Nearing Conclusion

On July 23, the Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju got underway at the Landing Casino in South Korea, the country’s largest integrated resort, with the 10-day series already having completed four of its five tournament schedule. Included amongst the players picking up titles are Nick Schulman, Ivan Leow, David Peters and Kenneth Kee, while its HK$2M (US$250,000) Main Event has already started and is expected to reach its conclusion on Wednesday, August 1st.

The series specializes in a format known as six-plus hold’em, in which all card from 2 to 5 are removed from the pack, making for a more dynamic and action-filled variant. A number of rule changes have also been introduced in order to account for the reduced pack size, including flushes beating full houses, and aces playing as both the highest card and as a five when completing a nine-high straight.

Nick Schulman Wins HK$100k Short Deck

First event of the Triton Super High Roller Series was HK$100,000 ($14,066) Short Deck Ante-Only, which subsequently attracted 61 entrants to create a prize pool of HK$6,100,000 ($777,070). Just seven players received payouts in the event, with the title eventually decided between 2-times WSOP bracelet winner Nick Schulman and Singapore’s Kenneth Kee Wee Kiang. Despite a relative lack of experience playing the format, Schulman entered the heads-up phase holding a commanding 9-to-1 lead over his opponent. The final hand then saw Shulman (Q-Q) and Kiang (Q-10) all-in on a 10-7-Q flop, with a 9 and and A on turn and river sealing the victory.

Kiang now boasts $3,037,042 in winnings following his runner-up finish, while Shulman’s earnings increase to $10,849,899, with the pro later stating:

“I really don’t know what I’m doing, which is fun. I still don’t know how to play the game, but every time when you play a lot of all ins and win every single one, that’s the way to do it.”

Results (US$):

1: Nick Schulman $272,084
2: Kenneth Kee $168,140
3: Chow Hing Yaung $111,484
4: Ben Lamb $78,920
5: Foo Sze Ming $59,415
6: Kim Chin Wei $47,403
7: Ivan Leow $39,941

Ivan Leow Wins HK$500k Short Deck Ante-Only

The HK$500,000 ($70,331) Short Deck Ante-Only event saw 44 total entries, meaning just five players would see a return on their buy-ins. In the end, however, Malaysian pro Seng Leow would take a 3-1 chip lead against France’s Rui Cao into heads-up, with the latter eventually getting the last of his chips in holding Jd-9h on a Kd-Qd-10c flop. Leow made the call, albeit needing to catch up with his Ac-Qc holding, which duly occurred after the 6c turn and 9c river completed a straight for him.

Results (US$):

1: Ivan Leow $1,101,100
2: Rui Cao $686,400
3: Jason Koon $471,900
4: Devan Tang $343,200
5: Tom Dwan $257,400

David Peters Wins HK$500k 6-Max Event

A total of 39 players entered HK$500k ($70,331) 6-Max Event, resulting in a huge prize pool worth HK$19,500,000 ($2,485,520). In the end, the title was contested between two US players, namely David Peters and Steve O’Dwyer, with the latter enjoying a 2-to-1 chip lead at the start of play. Nevertheless, Peters managed to eek out a slight lead by the time the deciding hand arose, with his Q-8 check-call on a 10-9-7-5-J board of O’Dwyer’s (K-J) all-in river shove sealing the deal.

Following his runner-up finish, Steve O’Dwyer sees his career earnings rocket to $23,796,133, while David Peters is not far behind on $22,797,612.

Results (US$):

1: David Peters $1,140,750
2: Steve O’Dwyer $760,500
3: Stephen Chidwick $380,250
4: Hing Chow $253,500

Kenneth Kee Wins HK$1M Short Deck Ante-Only

Finally, HK$1M ($140,660) Short Deck Ante-Only attracted 60 runners, meaning that its ultimate winner would receive an impressive top prize of HK$22,500,000 ($2,866,838). Making it through to the money was a truly international assortment of players haling from Malaysia, Belarus, Canada, and Malaysia, with the contest eventually decided between Singapore’s Kenneth Kee and the USA’s Cary Katz.

The final hand then saw a short-stacked Katz (J-10) move all-in preflop, only to be called by his opponent holding pocket queens. The 9-K-7-6-K board subsequently handed Kee the victory, after which he commented:

“Maybe, you should not gamble in some spots where you would normally gamble in cash games. It’s similar to no-limit hold’em tournaments. It’s a super new game. People haven’t figured everything out yet.”

Results (US$):

1: Kenneth Kee $2,866,838
2: Cary Katz $1,773,617
3: Richard Yong $1,162,025
4: Peter Jetten $802,715
5: Mikita Badziakouski $588,657
6: Ivan Leow $451,049