Spanish Online Gambling Up 22.6% to €121.3M in Q2

Spanish Online Gambling Up 22.6% to €121.3M in Q2The Spanish online gambling market generated online gambling revenue of €121.3 million for Q2 of 2017, marking a 22.6% improvement compared to the same quarter of 2016. Compared to the previous quarter, however, revenue actually fell by 4.5%, according to the latest result released by the Spanish gaming regulator DGOJ.
Furthermore, active online gamblers increased by 7% to 646k in Q2, compared to the same quarter in 2016, even as marketing spend was lower by 16% to €25 million, and bonus offerings fell by 14% to €21.2 million.
Leading the market in the three months ending June 30th was the sports betting vertical, which saw its revenue increase by 12.3% to €60.1 million year-on-year, with live betting representing 68.5% of all revenue. The overall positive figure is even more impressive considering a difficult comparison in which in Q2 of 2016 the month-long UEFA Euro 2016 was taking place in France.
Generating the next highest revenue was the online casino vertical, which soared by 52.5% to €42.9 million versus Q2 of 2016. From that tally, slots revenue increased by a massive 84% to €21.5 million, roulette was up by almost 66% to €9.5 million, RNG roulette up by 11.5% to €6.8 million, and blackjack noted a solid improvement of 10.2% to around €5 million.
Even the online poker sector posted positive results, with revenue up almost 5% to €14.4 million compared to Q2 of the previous quarter, but lower by 5% versus Q1 of 2017. Similar to recent global trends, cash games noted a contraction in its stakes, in this case by 5.5%, while tournament entry fees travelled in the opposite direction, with stakes higher by 16.5%.
The online poker sector is set for further gains going forward, too, as Spain, France, Italy and Portugal are currently arranging a shared poker liquidity pool across their various countries, which should be operational by the end of the year. These countries initially set up ring-fenced poker markets, but failed to take account of the liquidity requirements needed in order to maintain a sustainable business model.

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