Full Tilt Now Bottom Out Of Top 10 Poker Sites

Full Tilt Now Bottom Out Of Top 10 Poker SitesThe end of July saw Full Tilt implement a series of sweeping changes designed to transform the site into a recreational centric poker room. Two weeks later, and the impact has been stunning, but not in good way, though, as cash game traffic has fallen from around 1,000 players over a seven-day period to its current level of just 650 players. As a result, Full Tilt is now occupying the number 10 spot on Pokerscout‘s ‘Online Poker Traffic Report’, and at this rate of decline the one time industry giant could soon drop out of the top 10 list altogether.
The drastic alterations made by Full Tilt included getting rid of its high stakes and heads-up games, as well as restricting multi-tabling and table selection options. Consequently, the site’s online grinders appear to be abandoning Full Tilt in their droves as they seek to make their living elsewhere, causing cash game traffic to sink to their present levels.
After implementing its overhaul, Full Tilt Poker Room Manager Shyam Markus acknowledged that the site might suffer some short term fallout as a result, stating:
“It’s not going to be a super popular decision, and it’s absolutely possible we’ve made a mistake. But for now it’s the decision we feel has the best chance of helping to turn around some of the biggest problems we face and return to growing the site.”
Therefore, Full Tilt traffic is likely to decline further until most of the poker grinders abandon the site, to be replaced by more recreational players taking the plunge and entering the site’s safer waters. The bigger recreational player base created should then help improve the playing experience of the site’s customers, who will be encouraged to stay longer and subsequently attract more recreational players as the quality of the games improve. Or at least, that’s the plan. The next few months, however, should give a clearer picture as to the situation.

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