Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: Hellmuth Poisoned, Ausmus' Golfing Accident

Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: Hellmuth Poisoned, Ausmus' Golfing Accident Here are a selection of some of the top poker tweets coming from the pros over the past week:
Jeremy Ausmus
“Hawaii is great, I’ve showered only once in 4 days.. Golfing Wolf Creek in Mesquite today, beautiful course.. Locked the brakes up on a steep grade and turned my cart over. My partner bailed and I luckily escaped with scrapes and a minor head wound.”
Phil Hellmuth
“Had food poisoning last couple days, now my wife has same, nasty: don’t ask!”
Philip Collins
“Hey guys, it looks like Turkey is blocked from twitter now. Guess we can say whatever we want. What a stupid country name am I right? Turkey’s corrupt POS gov’t doesn’t just hate social media. They’re number 1 in the world in journalists in prison too with 40.. Beautiful country and people.”
Vanessa Selbst
“I’ve been seeing @Raw_Nit and @g0lfa go deep in everything in sight so I decided to try to steal their secret powers. (photo)
Matt Salsberg
“Bike Mega Millions. Take 1… Prick on my left firing off egg farts.”
Daniel Negreanu
“23 confirmed so for for Big One for Drop $1 million buy in. I plan on playing, but haven’t secured the funds for it yet. I’ll get in.”
Vanessa Selbst
“OK guys, gonna be honest. Sometimes I sell action for poker tournaments. Who has 800k to spare to put me in One Drop? DM me. (750k will do)”
Bryan Devonshire
“Listening to bad beat stories at a free bar poker night is worse than regular bad beat stories.”
Tatjana Pasalic
“Why do people say “tuna fish” but never say “beef mammal” or “chicken bird”?”
Alex Outhred
“The extreme leaps of faith btwn presented data and conclusions drawn on #AncientAliens is amplified by the Infomercial feel of the narration.”
David Sands
“Just received a $350MM offer from Facebook for the hand histories from my 2009 tourneys, my last 6 mos of snapchats & 9 bitcoins. #lowball.”

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