Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: Esfandiari's One Drop Agony, Brunson "November Nine" Who?

Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: Esfandiari One Drop Agony, Brunson "November Nine" Who?Here are a selection of some of the top poker tweets coming from the pros over the past week:
Antonio Esfandiari
“Thank you to all my friends and fans for the support over the One Drop last few days. I have been in bed since the bust- literally the worst pain I have ever felt. Not just in poker but in life. The sort of pain that only time will heal…I tried to just get over it but I couldn’t. Not seeking sympathy by any means – I know I am one lucky guy – wanted to explain why I have been MIA. Congrats to Dan for the win.”
Jimmy Fricke (photo)

“I can say with utmost confidence my twitter game has been way better than my poker game this wsop and my poker game has been pretty adequate.. My stack looks like I’m in a 1500, not the main.. Couple guys at the table just hit literally the perfect f**king storm to make me not win a pot. They’re pretty expert.. You know what? F**k it, I’m bagging tonight.. Never mind lost AQ to Q9 on my first shove. Other people seem to win like 8 in a row, how do I lose the first one every time?”
“Why do people see the word ‘dachshund’ and feel the need to pronounce it ‘dash hound?’ DOES HE LOOK LIKE HE’S GOOD AT DASHING?”
Doyle Brunson
“Of the last 16 players left in the WSOP main event, I don’t reconize one name.#timeshavereallychanged.. I wonder if any of the final table November Nine will ever sit in a cash game with top pros?#doubtitverymuch”
Matt Salsberg
“Hmm. First a man named Moneymaker wins WSOP, now a guy named Newhouse twice final tables it. Officially changing my name to Matt Richman.”
Dutch Boyd
“Busted out. The dream is over this year. My 2014 WSOP is in the books…and I can’t complain. It’s been a good summer. #wsop #poker”
Gavin Smith
“Busted, sad end to crappy summer #screwyouwsop2014.. Dumb question of the day award hoes to the guy at my gate at the airport who asked me if I was still in the main #earlywinner #lock.. Just landed, home sweet home, you guys can have Vegas, I choose Alaska!”
Terrence Chan
“Playing well again, just got counterfeited in a healthy pot is all.. AK couldn’t hold against AJ for the rest of it. See you next year. #WSOPME..very frustrating tournament overall, but nothing to hang my head on – happy with my play after 2 years away from high-level tournament poker.. that said, my limited WSOP experience this year makes me very sure that going back to full-time poker is *definitely* not what I want to do.”
Marvin Rettenmaier
“We did it. Jean George Steakhouse at @AriaLV is out of shot glasses! Lol”
Sorel Mizzi
“rly hoping @GriffinBenger final tables main event..such a personality will make for great TV @espn.. how is Germany so good at so many things.”
Chris Moorman
“Completely disagree with the decision from @pokernews to provide us with a live HUD of the WSOP Main Event. Really not fair for the players.”
Jeff Madsen
“Great summer but awful finish. No way I should’ve busted this.. Devastated. F**k I want to jump on a samurai sword.. I literally want this sperm whale to jump out of the water like Free Willy an land on my house while I’m inside taking a hot shower ???? And then I want Tom Hanks to come over and punch me in the clavicle extremely hard..I want to invite every twitter troll over to my house for tea and scrumpets and to hear their opinions on various pop culture events.. ** this twitter account has been deactivated due to the sudden passing of it’s user, on account of a unexpected stampede of wildebeests ***”

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