Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: Doyle Brunson Far From Retired, Gus Happy To Win $10k

Top Poker Tweets Of The Week: Doyle Brunson Far From Retired, Gus Happy To Win $10kHere are a selection of some of the top poker tweets coming from the pros over the past week:
Doyle Brunson
“Funny that people talk about me being in retirement. This month I played poker in Vegas 14 days, Dallas 5 days, and California 3 days ..Pushed really hard 1st 3 weeks of 2014. After week of rest, ready to go. Wish I was in Aussie land.#dreamer.”
Gus Hansen
“At Rod Laver Arena watching Nadal-Federer. Heart on Federer – Money on Nadal!.. A wise woman once said ‘It is better to win 10K then to lose 15 Mill’ – I tend to agree :-)”
Daniel Negrreanu
“Golfing, hiking, yogaing, working out, playing soccer. I feel like I’m getting younger and stronger everyday. #KidPoker4Life.. Set a goal of 8 pull-ups and 40 push-ups by Feb 14th and today did 40 straight and also at 7 pull-ups. DREAM DECLARE DELIVER.”
Gavin Smith
“so far in Anchorage, been to ER, got sick, 0-3 in poker games, and now lost my phone, but excited as hell cause things unlikely toget worse.”
Court Harrington
“Prop bet for $1100. Run mile on track at 2am. Current temp 19degrees and snow/ice cover. Under 7:50 for win. Completed in 7:22. #Cold.”
Jennifer Harman
“Prop bet discussions @aria Guy has to float in the ocean for 6 hours. He said he’s not a good swimmer. Other guy, then you have to post up”
Cliff Josephy
“We break, walk quickly to new tbl, get there just in time to have the BB. Look at QQ and figure it’s good karma, but ran into AK. 100k still.”
Faraz Jaka
“The next time some1 is dying to know if I bluffed them, Im going to write the answer on 1 of the many toilets in the casino & make them hunt.”
William Childs
“Busted in big hand vs @FarazJaka My first pre-flop “move” of the day. Flopped openended. He flops set. I get there on turn. He boats river..Feel good about how I played today. Had a super tough table. Much respect for those guys. Sandwiched between Jaka & Serock all day #champs.”
Bryan Devonshire
“Digging out the backup bankroll sucks. Having a backup bankroll is awesome.”
Allen Bari
“So far jury duty is surprisingly more painful than what I was expecting it to be..Currently have 31% of phone battery power left.. 2 hour 50 minutes left before we leave.. Going to be close.. Still waiting w/ masses.. Busto jury duty an hour early! Even better I don’t have to rebuy tomorrow or come back for 3 years!! #pokertalk #notsobad.”

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