Top Poker Pro Tweets: Donald J. Trump, Charitable Causes

Top Poker Tweets: Donald J. Trump, Charitable CausesHere are a selection of some of the best poker tweets coming from your favorite pros over the past week:
Donald Trump & Politics
Donald J. Trump
“Our country is facing a major threat from radical Islamic terrorism. We better get very smart, and very tough, FAST, before it is too late! Wow, what a day. So many foolish people that refuse to acknowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people coming into U.S.”
Jean-Robert Bellande
“Dear Mr Trump, there are many of us that want to root for you but WTF?”
Daniel Negreanu
“Westboro Baptist Church is a Cult of Hate, ISIS is a Cult of Death. Neither represents Christian or Muslim beliefs. Shame on Trump. Disgusting”
Doyle Brunson
“Don’t let Syrian refugees enter USA. Look what happened when we let Canadians @RealKidPoker, Gavin Smith, Greg Meuller, and Kara Scott in.”
Todd Brunson 
I’ve had 4 tweets from ppl disagreeing with my views on American gun control laws and all 4 were from other countries. Wtf??… I don’t sit here and tell u guys how many goats u should be allowed to own in ur back ass countries. Don’t tell us how to run ours.. I was kinda joking. Over half my friends are FF (freakin foreigners). But this is still an American issue.”
Dalai Lama
“We need to promote the oneness of all human beings, on the basis of which there are no grounds for killing or exploiting others.”
Charitable Causes
Tiffany Michelle
“Remember, the #bestgift you can give this holiday season is the gift of LIFE! @ChildrensLA #DonateBlood #DonateLife”
Dan Fleyshman 
“Let the Toy Drive begin!!! We’re all set up to receive our first TRUCKLOAD of 1,000 toys to wrap for the kidsss.. Sheesh!!! Since we got over 2,000 toys were giving 960 to the Children’s Center & the rest to Boys & Girls Club.. Now the extra fun part starts!!! 320 kids & family members from Childrens Center are here picking up their toys”
Dan Smith
“Doing a charity drive with @DanielColman_ . We are matching donations, up a total of $70,000. Details here:
Maria Ho 
“I know I’m getting into the holiday spirit when I resist the urge to honk at all the bad drivers in the mall parking lot. #tistheseason”
Jimmy Fricke
“I’m watching master of none, playing hearthstone and watching a twitch stream at the same time. They’re right about our generation.”
Kevin MacPhee
If the [PokerStars] strike is unsuccessful & the games die as predicted then the EPT will crumble next .. end of an era for me & time to grow up.”
Vanessa Selbst
“A girl walks into a zoo. The only animal in the entire zoo is a dog… It’s a shitzu..
Ugh, didn’t see there was a mass shooting going on when I tweeted that joke. Seriously, #whenwillitend? So heart-rending.”
Sam Trickett
“Can’t believe what just happened! One of the worst beats I ever had …. #NFL #GBvDET #crazyLife”
Lacey Jones
“After a great night’s sleep, you wake up fresh, ready to take on the day, only to find out you’re locked in your bedroom.. Hard not to laugh at Keith on the phone when his opening line to the locksmith is, “Hello, we are locked in the bedroom.”..
The 1st 4 hrs of the day I was forced to spend locked in a bedroom with the hubby; the last 4 were optional.”

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