Todd Brunson Apologizes For Chau Giang Cheating Slander

Todd Brunson Apologizes For Chau Giang Cheating SlanderLast month, Todd Brunson caused quite a stir amongst poker fans after he accused 3-times WSOP winner Chau Giang of trying to steal $800 worth of chips from another player during a $80/160 mixed game at the Bellagio. Now, however, it would appear the whole incident was nothing more than an unusual joke, and so Brunson has now apologized to Giang via his twitter account.
Todd Brunson had originally described how a player known as Shun but referred to as “The Jap” noticed some of his chips were missing having returned from the bathroom, and that after the casino’s cameras were checked, Chau Giang was revealed to have taken $800 worth of twenties from the players stack. According to Brunson, it was 100% certain it could not have been a mistake and so Doyle Brunson’s 44 year-old son then took to twitter to out the accused high-stakes poker pro, describing him as a 3 WSOP braceleted Asian man whose “name is used for both hello and goodbye.”
Now, however, Brunson has been left with egg on his face as it would appear the incident was a prank gone awry between the two players and as Bunson later explains on his twitter account; “Chao said it was a joke and that Darush told him Shun took $400 from him so he took $800 back as a “rejoke”.
As twoplustwo forum poster elaborates in a piece entitled ‘I was in the game where Chau is accused of stealing’ : “There was not stealing from Chau since many people was watching. It’s incredible how easy it’s to ruin the reputation of a person with a wrong Twitter.”
Continuing his explanation on why he erroneously accused Chau Giang of stealing chips, Brunson subsequently wrote the following:
“I didn’t intend to directly implicate Chao until I got back to Vegas. I got carried away with my little guessing game..and that was wrong of me. I should have talked to at least one more person before going public like I did..So while I still think Chao was dead wrong taking Shuns chips I will apologize to Chao here for possibly jumping the gun a bit..In my defense; Shun has never lied to me in 25 years as my best friend as far as I know. I have never seen him so upset..When he was so adamant it wasn’t a joke and was serious I took him at his word. I guess I should have checked things out first and…given Chao the benefit of the doubt.”
Todd Brunson currently has 32,500 followers on his twitter account and over the years has kept his poker fans entertained with his sardonic wit, as well as the juicy pieces of gossip he reveals about the poker world. As it says on Todd’s twitter page, however:
“Please don’t follow me if you are easily offended by silly racial or sexist humor.”
No doubt the hurrah over Brunson’s eagerness to misjudge a fellow pro will have the ‘Darkhorse’ feeling somewhat jaded for now. In the meantime, however, one of his twitter fans had these word of encouragement to offer Todd;
“I hope this incident doesn’t discourage TB from tweeting utter bollocks in the future.”

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