Superstar Showdown: Isildur1 Wins But DodgyFish72 Collects $15k

Yesterday’s Superstar Challenge between Isildur1 and Attila “DodgyFish72” Gulcsik had been billed as a real David and Goliath affair, but after 2,500 hands had been played Viktor “Isildur1″ Bloom walked away the winner by a mere $10.
However, in many ways DodgyFish72 was the true victor on the night as he not only was involved in the closest Superstar Showdown battle so far, but he also got to keep his remaining stack of $14,990.
Hungarian amateur player DodgyFish72 originally managed to qualifier for the match usually reserved for top pros via a special $11 online satellite followed by a heads-up tournament.
Consequently, the stakes were reduced to $5/$10, he was to be staked the $15,000 buy-in by PokerStars and would be allowed to keep any money still in front of him by the end of the match.
Attila “DodgyFish72” Gulcsik had no illusions going into Sunday’s battle and prior to the match laid out his game plan by stating:
“My main goal is to try and play well without making huge mistakes. It is obvious that I am a huge underdog as Viktor has significantly more experience being one of the best in the field of heads-up cash games.”
However, many poker fans had anticipated DodgyFish72 busting out long before the aloted 2,500 hands had been played and true to predictions he found himself stuck $10,768 by the mid-way point.
Nevertheless, DodgyFish72 showed great resilience and fortitude to pull up within $2,000 of Isildur1 with one thousand hands remaining and by the time the last hand was being played unbelievably the duo were neck and neck.
The very last hand then saw DodgyFish72 post the $10 blind and fold to a $3,745 open-shove by Isildur1, who then won the match by the nominal amount. All the same as well as the $14,990 he won, DodgyFish72 was obviously delighted to have played so well and it was congratulations all around at the end of the match.
Isildur1: GG
DodgyFish72: gg
Isildur1: u played really good
DodgyFish72: thanks u 2
DodgyFish72: u r really a class guy
After his narrow win, Viktor “Isildur1″ Bloom has now won four from five of his SuperStar challenges and is in profit by an impressive $166,075.

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