Samantha Abernathy Wins $10K Cycling Prop Bet

Dan Bilzerian is currently in training for a 320 mile cycle ride from LA to Las Vegas, that he has to finish in 48 hours or less. If he manages to complete the journey he will receive $600,000 from hedge fund manager Bill Perkins, or else lose the same amount should he fail. In the meantime, crafty Dan has been receiving some expert advice from Lance Armstrong ahead of his March 31st start date, and he has also received a confidence boost ahead of the taxing ride after poker pro Samantha Abernathy completed a 72 hour version of the journey last weekend.
Even before his wager with Perkins, Bilzerian had offered Abernathy $10,000 is she managed to finish the ride within three days. In fact, she succeeded with three hours to spare, and if not for a storm roadblock, she said her time would probably have been reduced to around 48-hours.
“technically 69 hours with daylight savings time, but I only rode 2-3 hours on Friday because of the storm. could’ve done it in <48′” tweeted Abernathy.
She even had time to put together an entertaining video of her epic journey which can now be seen on her Twitter account.
Needless to say, this is all music to Bilzerian’s ears, just as Bill Perkins‘ $600,000 stake now seems a lot shakier than when he first agreed to the prop bet. After quizzing Abernathy as to “how long?” her ride took, Perkins tried to dismiss comparisons to Bilzerian’s upcoming ride, stating on twitter that “you would smoke Dan in a race!”
Bilzerian still has a major challenge ahead of him if he is to win the $1.2 million prop bet, especially considering his playboy life style and the health problems he has suffered in the past. That said, his task is certainly looking a lot more achievable now,  especially after Samantha Abernathy has shown him the way.