Poker Tweets From The Pros: Psycho Boeree, Hellmuth's Sons

Poker Tweets From The Pros: Psycho Boeree, Hellmuth's SonsHere are a selection of some of the best poker tweets coming from your favorite pros over the past week:
Jason Mercier
“Was horsing around with @Liv_Boeree … (in the hotel lobby, calm down guys!) and then she punched me in the face with a closed fist #psycho”
Phil Hellmuth
“PIC: great pic of my two sons! They look happy, calm, and relaxed…(see photo)
Daniel Negreanu
“Really awesome relaxing time in Barcelona with some great people- Team PokerStars pros living the dream and appreciating it.. Awesome night out with the @PokerStars family in Barcelona
Chris Moorman
“Good start to the weekend grind… I just shipped my 18th Triple Crown #ezgame”
Daniel Alaei
“Bored in hotel + just watched my 1st online training videos. These HUD’s are terrifying and very much discourage me from playing online.. I guess that’s just modern day online poker, but it just doesn’t feel right knowing that not everyone is privy to that enormous amt of info”
Todd Brunson
“Ok I had to tweet this… After laser tag 3 of us came to this tavern. The Jap orders 3 plates of food. He’s eating so fast he starts.. Choking. He shovels another giant fork full of food into his mouth between chokes.. When we laugh he says if u choke u need to eat faster!!!”
Jennifer Harman
“I have been a raging B for the last two weeks. Whats wrong with me? I feel sorry for all the people who have to be around me. #nitemare.. I’m going to go on a sugar binge tonite. I want chocolate cake, ice cream sundae, doughnuts, berry pie, and all with whip cream. #cavity”
Tom Dwan
“So I’m about to lose a bet about @gushansen coming drinking to @dmoongirl She always hustles me somehow, minnesota ppl have all the angles”
Doyle Brunson
“Because I’m too old:-) RT @Dangg44 @philivey why you no follow the god father of poker? @TexDolly”
Tiffany Michelle
“Doing Twilighty things in #Vancouver. No vampire sightings yet. Fingers crossed I make it outta this forest alive.”

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