Poker Tweets From The Pros

Poker Tweets From The ProsHere are a selection of some of the most entertaining poker tweets coming from the pros over the past week:
Liv Boeree
“Well that was shit.Had to make a big fold with Jacks to lose a chunk.Then doubled a shorty AQs into AK.Then lost A9 to A3 all in pre to bust.”
Phil Hellmuth
“Hit EPT London tourney area right off the plane–w no sleep and drinking a bit. @JasonMercier says he’s in OFC tourn: I hop and win it!”
Doyle Brunson
“I wonder sometimes why I wasted 5 years and 2 summers getting my masters degree. Think of all the poker hands I could have played instead.”
Todd Terry
“Just landed in London. Congrats to @VanessaSelbst and @max_silver who made the mistake of getting it in with the best hand vs. Vanessa.”
Faraz Jaka
“Caught up w/friend I havent seen in 5yrs. Hour in I ask if I could sleep on his couch, he said yes. Another day of free rent BINK! #vegabond”
Jennifer Harman
“I have been a raging B for the last two weeks. Whats wrong with me? I feel sorry for all the people who have to be around me. #nitemare.. I’m going to go on a sugar binge tonite. I want chocolate cake, ice cream sundae, doughnuts, berry pie, and all with whip cream. #cavity”
Dani Stern
“Watching the last 4 seasons of dexter has been one of the worst decisions of my life.”
Shaun Deeb
“Sigh bust the 5k get ready to head back to ny go out to my truck and the tires in the right side both completely flat sigh.. so annoyed pretty sure I got hustled by tire guy for 4 instead of 1 also customer service at @CanadianTire is worst I’ve ever experienced”
Gavin Smith
“Mathematically speaking, I believe it’s a horrendous call. I have nothing but respect for Matt [Glantz], but I honestly think this call was awful beyond belief. And I don’t believe it’s a call he would have ever made had it not been on television (re Poker Night In America TV show).”
Matt Glantz
“Strategy article by my friend @olegsmith explaining how badly I played a hand of NL against him on @PokerNightTV #jbl”