Poker Tweets: Brunson's Latest Face-Palming Comment!

Brunson's Latest Face-Palming Comment!At a time when the entertainment and political world is being rocked by numerous assault cases involving high-profile figures, a number of heated discussions on the issue have broken out on twitter of later, with Daniel Negreanu and James Woods even referring to each other in the most derogatory terms.
In the meantime, Doyle Brunson has never been one to shy away from a controversial subject, although many might wish that he would. Addressing the sexual harassment allegation reports flooding the media, the 84 year-old had these words to say:
“The thing about all these “groping” claims is if they are true or not. Why do women stay silent for 30-years then decide to make claims? There is no defense. I remember Rec Gambling forum when a guy named Russ accused me of using marked cards. I never did but ??”
Needless to say, it wasn’t long before Brunson’s comment attracted a response, and while most expressed incredulity, there was also acknowledgment made for the poker legend being born in a completely different era and social environment than the present one. Here are some of those reactions:
Tony Dunst
“Almost went a whole week without face-palming at a Doyle tweet.”
Tom Rose
“Too much sketchiness in these accusations. Timing is awful perfect. Seems to be the new fad – politically and famously”
Michael Horton
“Pretty simple, we live in a world where women are more likely to be believed and not be blamed than was the case 30 years ago.”
Doyle Brunson
“I sympathize with the actual victims. The only point I’m trying to make is that when the accused becomes a candidate for public office, that is when most of them come forward. It arouses suspicion that it could be they are being paid or seeking attention.”
Cate Hall
“It’s natural to expect that because you think you would report an assault right away, others would do the same, but the issue has been studied to death and there’s simply no question the vast majority of assaults go unreported at the time — it’s a statistical fact.”
Jimmy Fricke and Depression
In the meantime, Jimmy Fricke, a 30 year-old Las Vegas pro, took time out from his usual twitter feed pointing people to some of the city’s best restaurants, to address depression, a condition which he says he has lived with for many years. As Fricke? tweeted:
“On Friday, I felt better than I have in years. I felt like I could take on anything and my life was going to be okay. Today I considered killing myself and yelled at myself in private. Once depression creeps into your brain, it’s hard for it to ever truly go away.. I’ve dealt with these issues for a long time and will continue to do so for years to come I have no doubt. I’m no real danger to myself I think but I’m trying to air my feelings so that people can understand what depression manifests itself as.”
Fricke’s honest tweets struck a chord with many of his followers, and as one follower who has suffered with the same condition himself, wrote:
John Larochelle
“I applaud your courageous disclosures. Your rarely-shared almost-real-time thoughts are a good Samaritan service to many who have felt and will feel similarly again. Thank you.”
Meanwhile, here are some other tweets coming from your favorite pros over the past few days:
Jason Mercier
“Can the @NFL stop using this horrific camera angle? Did cris collinsworth really say that gamers like it? It’s awful, go back to normal.”
Erik Seidel
“Lesson learned from “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”: When a guy gets close to retirement age in Ebbing, he gets a hot young model GF/wife.”
Jake Cody
“At customs at Heathrow (thin) and some elderly lady from Australia just came in to try to declare some nuts and some Werther’s Original”
Daniel Negreanu
“OMG this is so creepy! Future is here folks. These robots will only become more and more real to the point they are indistinguishable from humans.
I think some poker players I play against just might be robots already. Hmm…”

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