Phil Ivey's Divorce Settlement Details

Phil Ivey's Divorce Settlement DetailsIn December, 2009, poker pro Phil Ivey divorced his high school sweet heart and wife of seven years, Luciaetta. At the time any information concerning the sealed divorce settlement were scant but a couple of year on and more details are now beginning to surface.
This has been made possible in light of a petition filed with the Nevada Supreme Court by Luciaetta claiming bias by the Clark County Family Court judge dealing with the case, Bill Gonzalez.
According to an article published today, Phil Ivey’s attorney, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld gave details of the divorce settlement in response to Luciaetta’s petition. The ‘Las Vegas Review Journal’ states that apparently, Phil Ivey accepted around $170,000 in credit card debt and over $15.1 million “in gambling and other debt,” as part of the divorce settlement. Furthermore, Luciaetta then received the following:
“Her car, her life insurance policy, 40 percent of a stock account, a down payment for a new residence, half of the proceeds from the sale of the couple’s home, and 40 percent of all business interests “with the exception of Tiltware, LLC.”
Tiltware is the parent company of FullTilt Poker, in which Phil Ivey has a vested interest, but the divorce agreement did, however, allow Luciaetta to receive alimony payments from funds received by Phil Ivey from Tiltware.
Between January 2010 and April 2011, it would appear Luciaetta received around
$180,000 a month in alimony, which then, in accordance with the agreement, ceased after Phil stopped receiving funds from Tiltware.
Therefore, Luciaetta divorce settlement with the poker legend would have netted her around $1.2 million, plus another $1 million of jewelry, plus the  $180,000 a month alimony, which has now stopped.
According to a response provided by Phil Ivey’s side concerning his ex-wife’s petition; “Luciaetta ended up with no debt, with millions of dollars worth of property, and with specific unambiguous alimony provisions.”

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