Negreanu Tweet Offers Precious Little Thankgiving Cheer!

Negreanu Tweet Offers Precious Little Thankgiving Cheer!On Thursday, 23 November, Canadians, Americans, and some Caribbean islanders celebrated the Thanksgiving Day national holiday. While Thanksgiving historically had religious roots, these days its is viewed as a secular holiday and a chance for family and friends to get together around the dining table.
Not everyone is enamoured about the holiday, though, with Daniel Negreanu holding perhaps one of the more extreme views on Thanksgiving Day. Laying his thoughts out on the annual holiday which has been celebrated since 1863 in the United States, the 43 year-old pro tweeted:
“When I think of Thanksgiving I think of murder, rape, genocide of natives killed by white pilgrims armed with evil weapons. A destruction of a culture & its people. Not as happy as “football & Black Friday” but at least its the truth.”
Needless to say, Negreanu found few people who held similar views to himself on the topic, and here are some of the responses he received from his controversial message:
Justin Pechie
“You’re drifting into unbearable territory. You’re essentially guilting people who have done nothing wrong on one of best holidays of year.”
Daniel Negreanu
“Not how I see it. Enjoy the holiday man! Personally I just never felt comfortable celebrating this one and it’s hard for me to get past what it was built on.”
Melanie Daniels
“Rather than pontificating, Danny, if you feel this way you should confine your poker playing to Indian casinos and boycott the casinos built by the white man.”
“Dude you’ve had this opinion for like what? 1 year at most. You don’t have to become so cliche one sided politically you know”
Shy Town Kid
“Please get over yourself.”
Keith Sherbaugh
“Daniel my mother was full blooded Native American. What happened was horrible. But we can’t dwell on the past most civilizations have conquerors. You can keep your white guilt to yourself thank you”
The best response, however, was delivered by an online tweeter calling himself Johnnie Walker, who hit Negreanu with the following tweet:
“This is what happens when we allow a Canadian to comment on an American holiday…. Daniel you are the true turkey”
In the meantime, here are some more cheerful Thanksgiving Day messages coming from your favorite pros over the national holiday celebrations.
Phil Hellmuth
“Hoops w friends for 80 minutes, after eating too much food for the last few days: #Priceless #PHNiceLife #POSITIVITY”
Lacey Jones
“I don’t know about you guys, but I needed this Thanksgiving. Hope you all had a wonderful one too.”
Eric Mizrachi
“Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.”

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