Jungleman And Durrr's Verbal Challenge II

Jungleman And Durrr's Verbal Challenge II Back in early 2011, Dan “Jungleman12” Cates and Tom “durrrr” Dwan began their Challenge II. At the time, the confident Dwan accepted unfavorable odds on the 50,000 hands heads-up battle, whereby he would pay $1.5 million if he lost compared to just $500,000 for Cates.
Unfortunately for Dwan, he then proceeded to sink to a $1,251,059 deficit after 19,335 hands played and the Challenge II has gone into deep freeze ever since. However, the war of words is beginning to hot up at least, after Jungleman tweeted Dwan complaining that he seemed more content to play against everyone else rather than complete their challenge.
In return, Jungleman received a puzzling reply from Dwan stating; “Hey @junglemandan, sure. Also care to pay me our figure finally since I guess now we’re tweeting dick things we could text?”
Their conversation then shifted to somewhere more private, but the only result of what was discussed would seem to be that the challenge seems to have turned into a verbal one, instead. Jungleman explained that the reason he called out Dwan in public was that he had grown frustrated being stalled by Dwan and wanted to put pressure on him to resume their battle, despite what Cate’s sees, as a lack of incentive on the part of Dwan. Throwing the gauntlet down once more, Jungleman explained recently:
“I think part of him just won’t be convinced that he’s worse than me, necessarily, but he seems to think he’s going to lose the challenge..Nobody wants to continue when they’re getting crushed.”
Jungleman then continued: “He doesn’t really care about it at all. It’s clear he’s going to lose too. It makes sense for him not to finish it but I want to finish it, or get him to resign or whatever. But he’s not even playing it, it’s crazy, I don’t know if it’ll ever finish, he’s just not cooperating at all.”
For his part, Tom Dwan has explained on several occasions in the most non-committal way possible, that the Challenge II would be starting ” up at some point,” which will hardly get rail birds drooling in anticipation. It would seem Tom Dwan may have also have other challenges of his own to deal with in the meantime, and as he 26 year-old explains: “I definitely don’t love the game as much as I used to. But I think that if I was playing any other game for a living, I would have lost my mind long ago, so obviously I still think poker is a pretty awesome game.”

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