Joe Cada Completes PokerStars WSOP Signings

The youngest player at this year’s WSOP Main Event has just signed a sponsorship deal with PokerStars. Prior to the offer Joe Cada, 21, had received proposals from both PokerHost and Ultimate Bet but it was PokerStars which Cada had his eye firmly set on. He said:
“I’m proud to have been chosen to represent PokerStars; their reputation and prestige are second to none. I look forward to bringing even more accolades to their already decorated team.”
Cada is in fifth place at the WSOP final table and wore an Ultimate Bet logo during the later stage of the competition following a one-day agreement with the site. Recently Cada was given 24 hours to accept an Ultimate Bet sponsorship offer but after he was unable to decide during that time the offer was extended. In the meantime, whilst on ESPN’s “Poker Edge” he confided to Phil Gordon his interest in PokerStars and his agent Dan Frank, took the opportunity to contact the poker site to gauge the level of their interest.
“It was very unnerving because I thought I had all of the possible deals on the table for him,” Frank said. “I thought the Ultimate Bet and PokerHost deals were the best he was going to see and the fact that he wouldn’t let me discuss them was frustrating. We’re grateful that PokerStars came to the table. To have both Eric and Joe sign with PokerStars – I’m grateful for that.”
PokerStars have now signed a trio of WSOP finalists which also include Eric Buchman (2nd) and Kevin Schaffel (6th). During the 2008 WSOP, PokerStars sponsored six of the nine finalists but a new WSOP ruling has ensured that situation wouldn’t occur this year.
Rule 43-B-i states: “No more than three (3) players at the Final Table — and all other tables featured for television coverage — will be allowed to wear apparel with logos, patches or promotional language from the same entity.”
Although there is nothing to stop PokerStars signing any additional members it would mean, however, that one of their players would be required to “remove or cover their logos.”
Originally Cada’s agent believed PokerStars were looking to add Darvin Moon, this year’s chip leader, to the fold but was delighted when his client was selected. Frank explained: “He loves that brand more than the others. That’s where he plays most of his online poker.”
At the 2009 WSOP final, Full Tilt Poker already have Phil Ivey representing them along with Steven Begleiter and James Akenead. Everest has Antoine Saout, Jeff Shulman is CEO of SpadeClub, which leaves only the chip leader Darvin Moon unsigned. Ironically Moon confesses never to having played internet poker and by all accounts seems content to continue wearing his New Orleans Saints cap as he has done throughout the tournament.

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