Jimmy Fricke Calls Doug Lee An Angle Shooting Scumbag

Jimmy Fricke Calls Doug Lee An Angle Shooting ScumbagUS pro Doug Lee (photo left) is a talented poker player who has captured 2 WSOP Circuit Rings and $1,389,530 in tournament winnings since his first live cash in 2004. Over the years, Lee has also apparently developed a reputation for some unsporting tactics during play, which reared its ugly head once more at the Planet Hollywood’s “PHamous Poker Series ”$565 buy-in $500,000 Guaranteed final table.
During play, a hand occurred at the 30,000/60,000 level in which a player under the gun moved all-in for around 600,000 chips, only to be called by the big stack in middle position. Doug Lee from the big blind then announced “All-in, two million,” despite allegedly having less than 1.5 million chips remaining and after the big stack asked Lee for confirmation that he had said two million, Lee replied yes, convincing the big stack to then fold his hand. Doug Lee (A-K) subsequently beat the other player who had a pair of fives.
Also at the final table to witness the whole debacle was fellow pro Jimmy ‘Gobboboy’ Fricke (photo right), who tweeted at the time:
“I’m right next to him, he clearly only has like 1.35-1.4m. He has 7 40 stacks of 5k chips. Before I can say anything, the big stack says “2 million?” “Yes.” and the big stack folds. Doug then wins with AK v 55. I say something as they’re shipping the chips to him and he called me a fat internet loser. Very witty sir. Floors do nothing for the massive angle or the insults after.”
Naturally, the story found its way onto the TwoPlusTwo forum, where Jimmy Fricke continued to call out Doug Lee for his behaviour, with an extract of his post reading as follows:
“This was really really bad tonight, guys. He stole thousands of dollars in equity from people at the table, myself included. He’s a total scumbag *******. This was just straight up cheating.”
Jimmy Fricke then implied Doug Lee was a serial angle shooter, with other forum posters also recounting some of their past dubious poker encounters with the controversial pro. As one poster called Joe Tall then ponders:
“What we have to all realize, that angles like this are really bad for the game. If Doug is notorious for such angles .. you have to think of how many angles he has shot on recreational players?”
Finally, Jimmy Fricke criticized the tournament directors for not meting out any punishment for Lee and doing “absolutely nothing” to address the “insulting tirade” he was subjected to by the controversial pro:
“And no offense to @PH_POKER but you guys f**ked up hard.”

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