Isildur1 vs DodgyFish72 A Lamb To The Slaughter?

This Sunday as part of the PokerStars Superstar Challenge, Viktor “Isildur1″ Bloom will face off against DodgyFish72.
However, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of the young, Hungarian player before as he is a relative novice who has managed to qualify for the Superstar Challenge by winning an $11 online satellite followed by a 140 player heads-up tournament.
In other words, this weeks challenge is a real David and Goliath affair, which gives the lucky amateur a chance to be involved in a match of a life time against the top Swedish heads-up specialist.
A quick glance at DodgyFish72’s results on pokertableratings shows that he has played around 6,015 hands of mostly 0.50/$1 NLH and PLO and is currently in the red -$1,490. In addition, Sharkscope reveals his average SnG buy-in is around $8.
Consequently, the rules have changed slightly for his battle against Isildur1 in that the stakes have been reduced to 1/10th of the usual stakes at $5/$10, with each player having a starting stack of $15,000.
Obviously, DodgyFish72 has earned his right to be staked the $15,000 by PokerStars and potential bonuses include him keeping any money he has left at the end of the match, as well as a $10,000 knockout reward if he manages to bust Isildur1.
Novice or otherwise, Viktor “Isildur1” Bloom will still be approaching the heads-up match with the same level of competitiveness as previous Superstar Challenges, as he will be keen to maintain his impressive record of results.
So far Isildur1 has managed to win an impressive three from four of his SuperStar matches for a total profit of $166,065. He’ll now be aiming to eliminate DodgyFish72 before the end of the 2,500 hand encounter and add a further $25,000 to his tally.
To watch the exciting amateur versus pro battle, don’t forget to sign in to PokerStars this Sunday at 3pm ET.

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