Is Erick "E-Dog" Lindgren Broke?

US poker pro Erick “Edog” Lindgren is one of the games biggest talents and is currently listed 21st on poker’s ‘All Time Money List’ with $8,457,543 in winnings.
However, Erick Lindgren’s fortunes took a dive recently, after Full Tilt’s shut down deprived him of an alleged $3 million annual salary, with the 35 year-old believed to still owe the company an outstanding $4 million debt.
Online cash games were never Lindgren’s forte, either, having dropped -$1,515,694 at Full Tilt‘s virtual felts since 2007, with a graph that never rose above positive. Now, it seems fantasy sports betting has opened up another front in Erick Lindgren’s worsening financial situation, after several people came forward recently claiming “E-Dog” owed them money for unpaid fantasy sports bets.
Allegedly, Lindgren owes around $100k in bets, with one TwoPlusTwo forum poster by the name of Max “$kill Game” Weinberg writing the following:
“I’m owed 11k from 2p2 Fantasy Leagues with Erick Lindgren. I’ve been owed 11k for almost 3 months! But this is not just about me…I know Kaj_Kyle is owed 50k, ahh snap is owed $$$, and I think others are owed $$$ as well. He says he’s cash broke, and I sense no urgency on his part to settle up.”
Top pro Haralabos Voulgaris, posting under the screen name “coltranedog” then waded into the forum debate, writing:
“We all knew that Edog was pretty much a piece of **** when it came to settling gambling debts. But as long as the Full Tilt money train was chugging along paying distributions, nobody wanted to speak up.”
Voulgaris then went on to explain how he has been owed a really large debt by Lindren dating back to 2005, and how he even had to vulture final tables to ensure part repayments. Voulgaris says 80% of his debt has now been collected.
All the aggrieved parties also seem to agree that airing their complaints publicly could only serve the poker community’s interest. In the meantime, Daniel Negreanu attempted to stick-up for his longtime pal Lindgren by offering the following comment:
“I’m not defending Erick. For a long time I’ve given him crap about the way he handles debt and I think it’s completely awful and inexcusable. I’ve had plenty of degen friends, but none as unique as Erick. An optimist like I’ve never seen before.”
However, there’s no guarantees Negreanu will still be taking such an understanding approach next week, when he is rumoured to be releasing a vlog on the subject.

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