2014 WSOP Tweets Of The Week: Chad's Passing, One Drop, World Cup

2014 WSOP Tweets Of The Week: Chad's Passing, One Drop, World CupHere are a selection of some of the top poker tweets coming from the 2014 WSOP in Las Vegas over the past week:
Chad Brown’s Passing
Barry Greenstein
“Chad Brown has left us. The last thing he told me was, “I haven’t had a sad day about this whole thing.” Who else could say that!”
William Childs
“Have a some emptiness inside knowing #ChadBrown is gone but have a solid spot in my heart forever for being blessed to know him.”
Robert Mizrachi
“RIP @Downtownchad you will be missed forever. Most loved guy in poker. I will play my best stud today and try to win this braclet. #sosad.”
Big One For One Drop
Daniel Negreanu
“Thanks for all your support everyone and congrats to those who bought a piece of my action! I’m happy with how I played and proud too.. Had a blast battling Daniel Coleman! Actually joyful and amazing experience. What a great player and great kid. Congrats to him.”
Justin Bonomo
“Why did Dan Coleman refuse all interview requests? TV coverage is going to be awkward…I can think of a few reasons to refuse interview requests including: anti gambling promotion moral stance, anxiety, problem with a company.. Assuming that all poker plays want the industry to expand the same way you do is a mistake.”
Daniel Alaei
“Seeing Coleman decline the winners interview makes you really appreciate everything @MagicAntonio did to promote the charity and poker.”
Olivier Busquet
“Btw everyone, Dan did do a short interview 4 the show where he insisted that the focus be on the charity..maybe have a clue b4 you talk shit.”
Jimmy Fricke
“Drama today summarized: “Man wins 5 table SNG, doesn’t have speech prepared.”
FIFA World Cup
Kevin Iacofano
“Please push back Omaha restart, I don’t want to miss a second of this. #BELvsUSA #USMNT #IBelieveThatWeWillWin”
Eric Baldwin
“Guy at my table is being a dick. How severe is penalty for biting another poker player? @WSOPTD @wsopSUITd @luis16suarez”
Other WSOP Tweets
Matt Glantz
“The next person who tells me a bad beats story in this Omaha 8/b is getting punched in the face. Definitely worth the 2 round penalty.”
Mike Leah
“If any1 has a spare 25k & wants to try and turn it into 18 Million I know of a way: Put me in the 25k OneDrop Satty; I’ll play for a small %”
Eric Froehlich
“Big lol at anyone who would ever care about an “all time money list” now that there are countless $100k buyins and multiple $1mm tourneys.”
Doyle Brunson
“My daughter @Pamela_Brunson made the 2nd day of the Monster Stack. Guess what she got broke with? 10s-2s.lol. Way to carry family tradition! I forgot to tell @Pamela_Brunson. You are supposed to win with the 10-2, not lose with it:-)#funny.”

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