PokerStars Still Thriving In A Global Market

Despite losing their core US consumer base, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker still remain the world’s biggest online poker sites and are likely to stay that way for some time to come.
Even with the absence of Americans players from their poker rooms, as many as 200,000 people from around the world can still be seen playing at PokerStars at any one time.
Previously, an estimated 10 million Americans played online poker and contributed significantly toward a global industry worth around $30 billion a year. At that time PokerStars’ derived around 25% of their revenue from the US and Full Tilt considerably more at 40%.
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However, in spite of the recent devastating shut-downs of their US operations by the Department Of Justice, growth prospects for the two online poker giants still remain positive elsewhere in the global market, according to industry analysts.
One industry expert who firmly believes that these sites’ business will continue to thrive post ‘Black Friday’ is eMainstream Marketing MD Mark McGuinness who said recently:
“Yes, there may be some short to long term impact but since the passage of the Unlawful Internet Enforcement Gaming Act (UIEGA) in 2006, PokerStars  has made strong inroads into the ever growing poker market in Europe, of which some analysts report has more longer term growth prospects than the North American market.”
McGuinness then went on to further emphasise his point by highlighting the fact that PokerStars has proved itself to be an “innovative and forward thinking company” in the past and was aided by being based in the Isle of Man, considered amongst the most reputable jurisdictions in  e-gaming.
“Despite this latest incident there is a positive if not encouraging outlook for e-gaming and the game is certainly not lost for the increasingly popular poker sites,” concluded McGuinness.

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