Poker Network Installs Shark Net To Reduce Attacks

Poker Network Installs Shark Net To Reduce AttacksThe small online poker network called ‘Everleaf Gaming’ has moved to level the playing field at its virtual felts by restricting winning player’s access to certain ‘fishy’ cash games.
In a move designed to keep a “healthy player and financial balance within the card room,” any player now winning more than €750 in a week from the US friendly site’s cash games will be greeted with a pop up stating:
“You are not allowed to play on this table because your player rating is too high.”  
However, each week on Sunday at 00:00 hours the timer resets itself to zero until a player then wins €750 and the whole process starts all over again.
Everleaf Gaming has 125 individual poker rooms with around 400 players on the network at any given time. In responding to the complaints made by winning player in light of the new system, one of the networks top poker rooms Minted Poker, stated:
“Less than 0.004% of the entire player pool [will be affected]…It is this 0.004% of the player pool that accounts for over 50% of the net win on the entire network.”
Likewise, he reiterated that 99.996% of the remaining player will enjoy easier games. In fact, as an extra precaution, if a poorly rated player attempts to sit at a table which has winning players, he, too, will be greeted with a pop-up stating:
“The rating of the table is higher than yours, do you really want to play on this table?”
For a few years now, it has been argued that recreational players and casual customers are the life-blood of the poker industry and that winning players were harming the quality of the games.
Bodog, for instance, has already banned the use of Data Mining and Hud‘s in order to protect their customers from more experienced players. The latest measures taken by Everleaf Gaming would seem to be in line with similar thinking.

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