Full Tilt's Late Night Champion is Huck Seed

When most people were sleeping in their beds last night a few were online at Full Tilt Poker, seven to be exact.  The final seven players logged in for the final hands of the Full Tilt Poker Late Night Poker Final.
You can watch all the action broadcasted in the United Kingdom on channel 4 from Cardiff.  The 7 players were all competing for the 1st place prize pf $200,000 dollars.
The final 7 were Tim West with 136,100 chips, Sam Tricket with 113,300 chips, Patrick Antonius with 73,200 chips.  Huck Seed will resume play with 70,800 chips followed by Anette Obrestad with 41,200 chips.
The last two players have the least amount of chips and they are Tony G with 40,400 chips and Gus Hansen with only 25,000 in chips.  After many hands only two players remained, Gus Hansen and Huck Seed.
The final hands of the Late Night Poker Final came when Hansen was dealt A7 and Seed A2.  Hansen pushed all in and Seed called, the river brought Seed a 2 and he won the pot and stay in the tournament long enough to win.
The winning hand was a pair of 3’s and Huck Seed became the champion of Full Tilt’s Late Night Poker Final. New players are eligible for a new player bonus of 100% up to $600 dollars on their first deposit using the Full Tilt Bonus Code.

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