Cracked Quad Deuces Earns Poker Player $213,000

Frank Pang could have been forgiven for believing his quad two’s were way out in front, as he played poker at the Maryland Heights casino near St Louis on Saturday night. However, in the back of his mind he may have been secretly praying he would be beaten, as the “Bad Beat Jackpot” at the casino stood at a massive $425,310.
As a poker player, though, Pang would have been aware that such an eventuality would require a whole heap of good fortune as in Texas Hold em, the odds of being dealt 4 of a kind are one in 4,165, and the odds of that hand coinciding with a better one are astronomical.
The Harrah’s owned casino, where the jackpot was won, takes one dollar from every poker pot played until great cards and great luck intersect to produce a “Bad Beat Jackpot” winner.
Pang made his quad deuces on the first deal, and as the hand played out, one of his opponents surprisingly had turned quads 5’s to beat Pang’s holding, activate the jackpot and in the process put a smile on the faces of all the players at the table.
“I must have been in 100 hands over the years where I was one card away from hitting the bad beat,” Pang said. “I just kept chasing it, hoping for that one perfect moment, and it finally happened.”
As the loser of the hand, Pang won half the total amount of the “Bad Beat Jackpot,” amounting to $212,655. The winner with quad 5’s collected $106,327, while the remaining eight players at the table received 25 percent, or $13,290 each for merely being at the table when the hand occurred.
After his whopping win, Frank Pang said; “I went home and just stayed up the rest of the night, until about 6 a.m., because it was all still sinking in…Of course I’ve been back a few times already, still playing the same lower-limit games. The thing I’ve realized is, I still hate the feeling of losing $100, and I still love the feeling of winning.”

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