Cereus Network Adds Synchronized Breaks & Raise To Options

Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet are part of the Cereus Poker Network and both online poker sites went under a recent software update with two major changes, a new feature and a solution.
First lets introduce the concept of Synchronized breaks on multi table tournaments.  The idea behind synchronized breaks is to make things easier for those that play in more then one tournament at a time.
Synchronized breaks will be offered in all of Cereus Poker Network multi table tournaments.  Players will get a five minute break at 55 after every hour, for example 4:55, 5:55 and so on.
Now you won’t have to worry about your winning hand being folded while you sit out grabbing something to eat or taking a bathroom break while playing in multiple tournaments.
Keep in mind that if your tourney starts at 12:30 it is still going to break 25 minutes later at 12:55pm as long as it is a tourney with Synchronized Breaks.  All hands in the tournament will still be completed before the actual break starts so your break time may be cut a little short.
Synchronized Breaks are not offered on tournaments that are open for late registration, tournaments within the first blind level, Turbo and Ultra Turbos within the first two blind levels.  Synchronized breaks are also not available on multi sit n go’s currently and tourneys with rebuys and add ons have a 3 minute break after the rebuy period is over to allow for add ons.
Now on to the solution there is a new ‘Raise To’ button which allows players to raise their bet to a certain amount without having to first deduct your initial bet sitting on the table.  Those that don’t like doing math on the spot breathed a sigh of relief when this was announced.
No longer will you have calculate the difference, just enter in the amount you want to raise to and click the Raise To button. If you’re not a member of either Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet you can get create an account and get a welcome bonus up to $1,100 dollars at Ultimate Bet and up to $550 dollars at Absolute Poker.

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