BetOnline Poker Zombie Hunter Bounty Poker Series

betonline bounty hunter poker series

During the week leading up to Halloween celebrate the ghoulish night with the Zombie Hunter Bounty Poker Series at BetOnline Poker.

The series runs until October 30 and include more than 100 events and all of them are bounty tournaments. For those unaware, in bounty tournaments you collect a cash bounty for every player you knockout. The series has events to fit every poker budget with buy-ins ranging from as low as $1.10 and up to $215.


Anyone who plays in a series event and collects at least one bounty will also gain access to a daily $1,000 Zombie Hunter All-In Shootout. Participants in this special daily event will have a shot at a $1,000 prize pool. Your starting chips in the tournament are determined by how many bounties you collect. For example:

1-5 Bounties = 1 starting chip

6-10 Bounties = 3 starting chips

11-20 Bounties = 5 starting chips

21 or more Bounties = 10 starting chips.

One other special feature of the Zombie Hunter series is a Come Back From the Dead Bubble Prize in every PKO tournament. In every PKO tournament if you are knocked out on the money bubble you will ‘come back from the dead’ and have your buy-in refunded. For example, If you’re in a tournament with a $20 buy-in that pays the Top 100 players and you’re eliminated in 101st place, you will be credited $20.

More BetOnline Poker Zombie Hunter Bounty Poker Series?

There are a pair of Main Events in the Zombie Hunter series, and both take place on the final day of the series on October 30. The cheaper Main Event is the Mini Main Event. This is a PKO tournament with a $22 buy-in and a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool. The big Main Event is also a PKO tournament. It has a $109 buy-in and a $250,000 guarantee.

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For the entire Zombie Hunter Series schedule and for more information on the special tournaments and bonuses, visit the BetOnline Poker lobby.

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