BetOnline Poker introduces Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0

betonline bad beat jackpot 2.0

Bad beats won’t hurt so badly at BetOnline Poker following the introduction of Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0.

On March 1 Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 went live at BetOnline Poker. Under the new system all No-Limit Hold’em cash games at BetOnline Poker will feature their own bad beat jackpot based on their stake level. This is expected to lead to more frequent bad beat jackpot payouts and help sooth the sting from bad beats that qualify for the jackpot.

Here’s what type of bad beats qualify for the bad beat jackpot at BetOnline Poker. To qualify a player must lose while holding a minimum hand of Four of a Kind which losses to a better hand such as a better Four of a Kind, or a straight flush.

The player who is on the losing end of the bad beat isn’t the only on that cashes in when the bad beat jackpot is triggered. Everyone involved in the hand also receives a piece of the payout. Here’s how the jackpot payouts breakdown:

20% to the player with the bad beat

10% to the winner of the hand

10% to other players at the table

20% to players at other bad beat jackpot tables

35% reseeded

5% fee

One of the most recent bad beat jackpots awarded at BetOnline Poker was worth $217,194 and was triggered at a $0.50/$1 No-Limit Hold’em cash game. In that hand the player that suffered the bad beat landed a straight flush to the six of hearts, but was cracked by another player with a straight flush to the eight of hearts. The bad beat loser picked up $43,438.80, the hand winner took home $32,579.10, and the rest of the table received $6,787.31.

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For more information on the new Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0, visit the BetOnline Poker lobby.

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betonline bad beat jackpot 2.0
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betonline bad beat jackpot 2.0
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