Absolute Poker Wants You to Play Your Way Through College

Absolute Poker has just announced a new promotion, that will appeal most especially to our University students.
If you are like most of the free population and love the game of Poker and happen to be enrolled as a college student in the United States of America, you might have the chance to win part of the $30,000 Absolute Poker is giving away in their College Challenge!
The most recent winner of Absolute Poker’s Spring College Challenge _DOUGH_N8ER_ is quoted as saying; ”Dollars and cents, this is by far my biggest success so far in poker. With the prize I was able to pay off my interest bearing student loans and put the rest towards this term’s tuition”
Absolute Poker’s College Challenge started on October 4th, 2009 and will run through November 29th, 2009. There will be 3 daily tournaments where the winners will be entered into a free roll for the following day. If you place in the top 15 in that free roll, you will win a seat in the weekly Main Event Qualifier. Now if you place in the top 6 of the qualifier, you will be flown to sunny Los Angeles, California to sit down at a live final table of the main event which will be streamlined on bluffmagazine.com.
The winner of the live tournament in California, will not only receive $10,000 towards their college tuition, they will also receive a custom made Absolute Poker College Challenge ring and be featured in Bluff magazine.
So what’s the hold up? It’s time to get you an Absolute Poker Bonus Code and register an account so you can get in on the action right away. This challenge is so awesome, even Absolute Poker Pro Matt Vengrin had positive things to say about the challenge when he was quoted as saying; “This tournament is a fun and easy way for college students to compete for an alternative way to pay for tuition, and we believe that this program is one of the best ways to create real added value for college students.”

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