888poker announces Freezeout Series

888 poker freezeout

Summer’s coming but it’s about to get cold at 888poker thanks to their new Freezeout Series.

The new 888poker Freezeout Series will consist of 24 events running from June 21-29. The 24 events have a combined $665,000 prize pool. The series will have events to fit every poker budget with buy-ins ranging from $5.50 to $109.

As the series name would suggest all the events are freezeout tournaments. In case you don’t know what that means, a freezeout tournament does not offer rebuys or add-ons. Once you’re busted, you’re out. The main event is a little different, but we’ll get into that in a second.

How does 888 Poker Freezeout series work?

The series gets underway on Sunday June 21 with three events on the schedule. First up is the $50,000 Tune Up with a $55 buy-in. Starting at the same time is the $20,000 Mini Tune Up with a $16.50 buy-in. The late tournament on the opening day is the $15,000 Late Tune Up, with a $33 buy-in.

Each day of the series is like this, with three events per day with high and low buy-ins. The types of tournaments also vary throughout the series with 8-max, 6-max and Deepstack tournaments on the schedule.

The Freezeout Series has three main events, scheduled for the final day of the series on June 29. The cheapest main event is the $10,000 Micro Main Event which has a $5.50 buy-in. Getting a little more expensive, the $40,000 Mini Main Event has a $33 buy-in.

The third event, the Freezeout Series Main Event has a $200,000 guarantee and a $109 buy-in. The Main Event is a little different as there are several Day 1s being offered throughout the series schedule. It’s still a freezeout tournament, so once a player is busted they’re out.

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However, if they want to pony up another $109 they can enter another Day 1 tournament. Any players that survive a Day 1 tournament advance to Day 2 which takes place on June 29. The full schedule of the Day 1 tournaments can be found in the 888poker lobby.

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