Neeme and Somerville Announce Strategic Poker Partnership

Neeme and Somerville Announce Strategic Poker Partnership

YouTube vlogger Andrew Neeme and Twitch streamer Jason Somerville are two of poker’s most popular social media stars, and boast an impressive 95,927 and 223,488 followers on their own respective online channels. One week before Somerville is set to swing into action once more at the Run It Up live tournament series, the dynamic duo have now announced an exciting new partnership deal in which each will help promote and monetize each others brands.

Following the announcement, Neeme said that he was “ecstatic” to be teaming up with the first guy to produce his own “fun and insightful” poker content, while Somerville said that he was excited to be working with an extraordinary poker ambassador and one of the game’s “great content innovators”.

Somerville’s Run It Up Livestream

Primarily a tournament player, Jason Somerville took advantage of the increasing popularity of video gamers streaming their live play via Twitch to launch his own poker dedicated bankroll challenge called Run It Up. That was in 2013, and before long, Somerville’s Twitch channel had grown into the biggest poker livestream in the world. Capitalizing on its success, in 2015 he then launched his own spin-off live poker festival at the Peppermill Casino in Reno, Nevada.

The series is noted for its fun atmosphere and low buy-in events, which at the upcoming Run It Up Reno VII running from October 19th-29th will range from $86 to $1,100. Nevertheless, the series will feature over $550,000 in tournament prize pool guarantees, and will also award two $30,000 Platinum Passes during its 21-event schedule. Somerville will subsequently stream and provide commentary throughout the series via his live Twitch stream, with this year’s iteration expected to attract more than a thousand unique entrants.

Neeme’s YouTube Channel

Andrew Neeme plies his poker trade playing mid and high-stakes cash games at live casinos, although the ones that he films are mostly at $2/$5 and $5/$10 stakes. He is also one of poker’s most watched vloggers, and has gained an almost 100,000 strong following on YouTube on account of his consistently high-quality content, placing just behind Daniel Negreanu (233,393) and Doug Polk (218,620) in popularity. Like Somerville, Neeme hosts a regular live get together, in his case a meet-up cash game at various venues in Las Vegas, and around the world.

Perfect Partnership

The latest collaboration between Somerville and Neeme seems to be a match made in heaven, with both Las Vegas based players bringing their own considerable strengths to the partnership. This includes the creative-minded pros helping to develop and promote each others brands, whilst sharing their passion for poker with as wide an audience as possible.

At the start of the week, Neeme subsequently announced the collaboration in his latest vlog which five minutes in also featured Somerville. In the video, Somerville said that he would be attending Neeme’s regular meet-up cash game at the Westgate Casino in Las Vegas, while Neeme said that he would be taking part in Run It Up’s live tournament series, and would be seen in its online stream content.

Explaining that vlogging while pursuing a career in poker was demanding, Neeme said that he was looking forward to benefiting from the “entire suite of services” that Someville and his entire crew are able to supply. Video editing appears to be a particularly time consuming aspect of Neeme’s vlogging, and as he explains teaming up with Someville should allow him play more poker in the long run.

Exploring all the possibilities that their partnership could open up, Neeme said that he will definitely be playing more online poker going forward, before adding:

“That being said, online poker is just one genre of what might be stream-worthy. What about streaming live cash games? What about doing IRL’s around Las Vegas and elsewhere? What about streaming literally anything else that might be fun? There are no rules now. Your channel doesn’t have to be pigeon-holed.”