Doyle and Todd Brunson Release Poker Pro Training Course For $149

Doyle and Todd Brunson Release Poker Pro Training Course For $149

Almost four decades after Doyle Brunson published his seminal book called ‘Super/System: A Course in Power Poker’, the ‘Godfather of Poker’ has now teamed up with his son Todd to release a training course he hopes will prove just as helpful. The Brunson Poker Pro Training Course is an online experience available via the website, which for the price of $149 will entitle the buyer to a training book, audio CD, charts, and access to the training website.

“This Poker Learning System will teach you the most sufficient way based on how our brain processes information the quickest,” explains the site’s About page. “You will work with visual and audio support in order to absorb the information faster and clearer than you would by just reading it.”

Hall of Famers

Doyle Brunson is a living poker legend, with the 85 year-old having captured an incredible 10 WSOP bracelets throughout a career dating back five decades, including winning back-to-back Main Events in 1976/77. He has also been a regular high stakes cash game player over that time and in 1988 was inducted into the Poker Hall of fame.

Like his father, Todd Brunson is a skilled player who in 2016 was also made a poker Hall of Famer. Listed amongst his many accomplishments is around $4.4 million in tournament winnings, including capturing a WSOP bracelet in 2005, as well as a formidable reputation earned on the nosebleed cash game scene.

Disclosing Secrets

When Doyle Brunson published Super/System in 1978, he extended the reach of poker by giving ordinary players an in-depth insight into the way professionals players approach the game. In addition to making poker more accessible and popular than ever before, Doyle later stated that giving away many of his secrets ended up costing him a lot of money at the tables. In fact, Daniel Negreanu’s recent decision to start offering a training program of his own for $90 via MasterClass prompted Doyle to offer the Canadian superstar the following friendly bit of advice:

“Daniel…you are the best tournament player in the world. Why are you educating people? Don’t make the same mistake I did with S/S. I justify my teaching that it created lots of new players that we sorely need. Today there are plenty of players…just saying.”

Needless to say, this caused a few raised eyebrows considering his own recent foray into the training space. Nonetheless, Doyle responded by saying that he had already agreed to do a training course a while back, and that besides he is 85 years old compared to 42 for ‘KidPoker’, meaning he only has to defend what he teaches for “17 more years (that makes 10-2) while Danny has a lot longer.”

Brunson Poker Pro Course

According to the website, the course cover 20 essential areas needed to become proficient in the game, with the teaching technique used designed to help students better retain the information that they are taught. The content is subsequently divided into four categories covering the following topics:

– The visual aspects of the game
– Board Textures
– Early Straights Flops
– Reconizing your Outs
– Combos & Blockers

– Hand Strength Heads Up
– Nuts Evaluation
– Poker Thought Process
– The Mental Game
– Tournament Play

– Push/Fold Charts
– Players and their Ranges
– Betting Patterns
– Math & Probabilities
– Winning Percentage and your Hands

– Tells
– Strong Hand Bets
– Weak Hand Bluffs
– Balancing your Ranges
– Plus 208 Professional Poker Moves displayed on Flash Cards

At a price of $149, the course is certainly reasonable compared to other similar offerings out there. Furthermore, the Brunson Poker Pro Training Course has the unique selling point of enabling student to learn from the best father-son poker team in the history of the game. Considering Doyle’s Super/System book is still dubbed ‘The Bible of Poker’ 40 years after its release, there are high expectations that the latest course offered by the duo will help raise the bar once more on the ever popular card game.