Superstar Showdown: Isildur1 Wins 10 Out Of 11 Matches For $651,941

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has just emerged triumphant once more from his latest PokerStars SuperStar Showdown, bringing his record to date to 10 wins from 11 matches for a total profit of $651,941.
Blom is considered amongst the best heads-up NL specialist in the world and when the Superstar Showdown was first introduced to PokerStars, it was seen as an exciting way to pit Blom’s talents against all-comers.
That was back in December 2010, and now a little way down the line it turns out the only player to have won against Isildur1 was his first challenger Isaac Haxton. Daniel Negreanu, too, managed to win one half of his two-part challenge but in the end was heavily defeated overall by his 20 year-old Swedish opponent.
Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s SuperStar Showdown record now read:
Isaac Haxton:  -$41,701
Tony G:  +$44,280
Daniel Cates:   +$51,196
Katchalov:  +$111,750
Attila Gulcsik:  +$5
Daniel Negreanu:  +$150,000, -$26,500
Scott Palmer:  +$61,362
Mastermixus: +$1,279
Rui Cao:  +$150,000
Terje  Augdal:  +$150,000
In his latest installment against Terje ‘Terken89’ Augdal, the Norwegian won a full buy-in from Isildur1 on the very first hand of the game. With both players all-in pre-flop, Augdal’s A-K defeated Isildur1’s 10-10 to get him off to the best possible start, but then failed to gain a foothold in the contest.
Consequently, the scheduled 2,500 hand match was all over by hand 1,566, with Isildur1 having won 16 out of the 22 pots over $20k.  At the end of play, the two friends then exchanged a few words as follows:
Augdal:  “coming out tonight?”
Isildur1:”maybe, was out yesterday, a bit hungover.”u in london?”
Augdal:  “yeah, drinks on u obv.”
Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has been forced to sit out the 2011 WSOP as he still under the minimum entry age of 21. On the other hand, Augdal, 22, is a high stakes cash games specialist and does not widely play in live tournaments.

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