SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 Defeats Jungleman12 For $51,196

Last night, the greatly anticipated SuperStar Showdown between Isildur1 and Daniel “jungleman12” Cates took place at PokerStars in front on an army of railbirds.
Being a Full Tilt pro, Daniel Cates had to migrate over to PokerStars to battle it out against Isildur1, and reverted to his PokerStars moniker “w00ki3z” in order to compete on the rival poker room.
This was the third and potentially the most exciting installment of the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown, as the two 20 year-olds are considered amongst the finest heads-up NL specialist in the world.
Fortunately, poker fans were not disappointed and were treated to an exhilarating display of aggressive heads-up $50/$100 no-limit hold’em across four-tables by the duo, at the end of which Isildur1 emerged the victor by a $51,196 margin.
Their 2,500 hand battle took a mere 4 hours to complete, with the young guns not even stopping for a break. Isildur1 had the best of the first 30 minutes and got off to a $19,550 lead but 200 hands later (hand 554) and Daniel “w00ki3z” Cates had reversed the Swede’s fortunes to take a $20,000 lead himself.
However, Isildur1 is well known for overbetting the river with either a big hand or complete air thus putting his opponent’s under intense pressure. This tactic worked twice on Cates over the next six minutes, who paid isildur1’s river bets off light to square the match over 600 hands.
By hand 710, Cates had once more regained a $19,000 lead and after some toing and froing held a peak lead of $60,000 before things turned around for the Swede.
First Isildur1 picked up a $32,000 pot where both players had made a flush but with the Swede’s king ahead of Cate’s queen. Next, Cates lost a $49,500 pot with two pair to isildur1’s rivered gut shot straight, and so with 505 hands remaining the Swede was  $10,450 ahead, which he increased to $24,100 minutes later.
As the last half hour of the match played out, Isildur1 won the lion’s share of the flurry of all-in pots which ensued, the result of which extended Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom’s to $51,196 by the end of play.
Isildur1 has now won two out of three of his Superstar Showdown, and as the players closed out with a simple “gg,,” rail bird Daniel Negreanu was quick to congratulate Isildur1 on his triumph, even as he has an eye on taking on the Swede at some stage later himself. The final conversation went:
KidPoker (TeamPro): good game guys
KidPoker (TeamPro): well done Isildur
Isildur1: ty
KidPoker (TeamPro): email me later
Isildur1: yep
Isildur1: bye
KidPoker (TeamPro): I have some questions about the rules
Isildur1: kk

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