Poker Violence Erupts As Player Suffers Bad Beat

Violence erupted at a home game of poker last Saturday, after one of the players in the game bashed another over the head with a baseball bat. The poker game was taking place in a garage at 1500 block of Woodland Avenue when someone called the police to report two or three men fighting outside the residence.
The police had received the call at 11:35 p.m., and when they arrived on the scene they were met by Randy Stoltzman, who explained that his friend had been attacked and hit over the head with a bat. Having examined the injuries of  David Wojciechowski, the police then called an ambulance to treat his still bleeding wound.
As the officers carried out their enquiry, details began to emerge as to the chequered and violent past of the two men involved in the incident, David Wojciechowski and his assailant Jimmy Lee Turner. Apparently, Randy Stoltzman, the man who met the police at the residence, had a sister who was being dated on and off by both men for at least ten years. It is believed this could have been the source of the argument, and a month earlier, the victim Wojciechowski, had actually punched Turner in the head and knocked him out, after Turner arrived outside his house in Mankato and an argument ensued.
Stoltzman explained that at Saturday’s incident, the men had been sitting around playing poker in the garage, when Wojciechowski received a text message and left the poker table and exited the garage. Stoltzman then said Turner followed him outside and hit him over the head with the baseball bat, before Stoltzman was able to grab the bat off him. Apparently, Turner then got in his car to leave whilst threatening to return and “shoot up the place.”
Turner has now been aprehended and charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and terrorists threats. He has also had a $50,000 bail set, but conditional on him not having any contact with Wojciechowski or Stoltzman.

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