Poker Pro’s Chimp Escapes A Second Time

Poker Pro’s Chimp Escapes A Second TimeLast month, Las Vegas media reported on two chimpanzee cared for by poker pro Lee Watkinson and his fiancée Timmi DeRosa escaping and traipsing through the Clark County neighbourhood before being captured at the expense of the male chimp called Buddy’s life.
A little over three weeks later and the 200 pound female chimp named Calamity Jane or CJ for short, has escaped her enclosure for the second time. This time, fortunately, the animal was apprehended after being tranquilized and was then transported with a police convoy to the Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park. Commenting on the incident, Las Vegas police spokesman Bill Cassell, said:
“We’re talking about a formidable animal, a big animal, not a little chimp. It was at least the size of a full-grown man. Luckily, we were able to set up a perimeter and contain it.”
However, following the latest escape caretaker Timmi DeRosa stands accused of keeping a dangerous animal without a permit, a misdemeanor which carries a fine up to $1,000 and six months in prison. Furthermore, the owners were compelled to hand the 13-year-old chimp over to a zoo with CJ to be housed in Oregon along with a handful of others chimpanzees pending a tuberculosis test.
Lee Watkinson and Timmi DeRosa insist they did not own the animals but were caring for them on behalf of the original owner. They also highlighted the dangers of private ownership, as well as the costs which comes to around $1,800 per month per primate. Nonprofit organizations Chimps Inc., is currently taking donations to help with CJ’s care and commenting on the whole situation, Timmi DeRosa said:
“We don’t think people should own chimps. We found these chimps in a horrible condition six years ago,” before drumming up support for charitable donations to Chimps Inc., by adding; “She’s a Las Vegas girl and I hope people remember that.”

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