Poker Players Alliance Welcomes Howard Stern's Support

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has attracted even more attention to its high profile ‘Poker Week’ by the addition of its latest member, the controversial talk show host Howard Stern.
The PPA with over a million members across the US is a force to be reckoned with in the battle to have online poker reinstated as a legitimate enterprise and all this week they have been organising events and promotions to mark their creation ‘National Poker Week.’
PPA Chairman Alfonse said of Stern’s timely membership:  “I can’t think of a more fitting way to kick off National Poker Week than having my friend, Howard Stern, become a member of the PPA. I thank him for having me on his show this morning and for supporting the PPA’s efforts to protect the freedom of American citizens to play the great game of poker at the time and place of their choosing – a freedom Congress voted to take away.”
D’Amato was on Stern’s show on the Monday to talk about National Poker Week and Joe Brennan, IMEGA’s Chairman, who’s aim it is to foster cooperation between the online industry and government and to promote freedom on the Internet, said: “It’s good exposure for them. Obviously, Howard has a fairly big and sometimes politically active audience. It’s a real coup for the PPA.” 
In the meantime, the online petition organised by the PPA has now exceeded 355,000 signatures and is sure to send a powerful message regarding the will of the people when it is presented to President Obama on the 22nd July.
The PPA believe  that the US government would benefit greatly by regulating and licensing online poker thus being able to generate millions in revenue and this would be a more effective alternative for the government than trying to ban what is considered a ‘great American pastime’.

Other news: reportedly expanding player pool to Michigan

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